Yesterday, Ontario’s Western University announced it is reinstating its mandatory vaccination policy*: all students, staff, faculty, and most visitors have until October 1, 2022 to show proof that they received their “primary series” plus “a booster”. Western’s decision comes on the heels of the University of Toronto reintroducing a booster mandate for any persons staying or working at their residences. Other institutions, like Seneca College, never even suspended their vaccine mandates to begin with.

At this juncture, it is no longer merited to give thoughtful consideration to such policies. The mRNA vaccines’ efficacy against transmission has been so thoroughly disproven that even the CDC revised their directives last week so that there is no longer any difference in measures between unvaccinated and vaccinated persons. Moreover, as TBOF reported last week, the federal government was unable to submit the courts any meaningful evidence supporting their travel mandate. Unsurprisingly, not a single province, municipality, hospital network, university, or major private sector employer came to their rescue revealing the science they relied on for their respective mandates.

There is also clearly limited value in genuinely debating the vaccines’ safety. As Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kiernan Moore finally admitted on July 13, 2022 there are real safety concerns with the vaccines, including a 1-in-5,000 dose chance of myocarditis. Even the MSM covered the recent peer-reviewed revelations of mRNA vaccines harming male fertility and women’s menstrual cycles. Just last week, another study came out demonstrating high rates of myocarditis from vaccination (you can also see here for over 1,000 studies regarding mRNA vaccine risks compiled by TBOF Advisor Dr. Paul Alexander

As sworn testimony by senior health officials before the US Congress and Canadian courts is revealing, the mandates were never about health and safety. They always were and remain political and ideological. Western’s decision simply reveals this zealotry for all of us to see. Ethics and the pursuit of truth have sadly little purchase left on university campuses.

This piecemeal return of mandates comes as no surprise to TBOF and millions of other Canadians who have and continue to loudly oppose such measures. In 2020, we were called conspiracy theorists for warning about vaccine passports. In 2021, we were called conspiracy theorists for warning that mandates would never end at just “two shots”. In 2022, we were called conspiracy theorists for warning that mandates would return in the fall. Apparently, the only difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about six months…

We should not let this event discourage us. We all know it is a marathon to fight back for our freedoms and that we will have to endure through setbacks for every few steps we take forward.

Fortunately, Western’s decisions come at a time where our collective efforts have already significantly eroded government and MSM narratives to the point that most Canadians now oppose mandatory vaccination and wish to move past these unscientific and vindicative restrictions.

The difference between now and summer 2021 is most evident in how so many facets of civil society are immediately coming out in spirited ridicule and shaming of Western University, from former alumni, to prominent physicians, to students themselves.

Moving forward, we need to remain nimble, disciplined, and focused as a movement – ready to apply pressure against rogue public or private institutions like Western University and, most importantly, any elected officials who tolerate this happening.

So, let’s start with some action right now. Click here and follow the instructions to send a message to Western University’s Board and immediately start pressuring them to justify their conduct.

*Not to be outdone in their commitment to unscientific fear-mongering, Western University’s new policy also reintroduces mandatory masking (you can find 167 peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the inefficacy of masks compiled here by TBOF Advisor, Dr. Paul Alexander).