The NB government made a HUGE MISTAKE, allowing grocery stores to implement a VPASS for Food – WE COULD NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! If this could happen to us, it would spread like a virus across our Nation! We must always condemn this measure and it must never be allowed in society under any circumstance!

We, Action4Canada Fredericton NB Chapter leaders lead a POTS and PANS Rally against the announcement by Health Minister Dorothy Shepherd at the Fredericton Legislature on Dec 10th  which lead to the MLA’s , appointed officials and Premier Higgs being escorted out through the noise and crowd. It was loud and disruptive!  An announcement shortly after that was made . They would no longer be meeting in person, only virtually.

The following day we joined our forces in NB with a convoy from NS headed  up by Patty Every Misner. Joining forces with another province made the biggest Rally to date shutting down the streets with thousands of people in Moncton! A warning was given that if VPASS were implemented by any grocery store they would feel the full force of the people economically!

We then became aware the first place, Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market owned by the province and ran by the city (2 tiered government) implemented NO VPASS NO FOOD policy! There were vendors who were not happy, their customers were denied entry because of their medical status. They had no way to reverse the unlawful policy. This is criminal to withhold food from the public. In fact it is considered an act of war on the citizens.

We immediately took our training from by Tanya Gaw, and collaborated with Mr Brian Peckford the chairman and leaders of  and our newly formed alliances with Nova Scotia , Patty Every Meisner and quickly launched a resistance Rally to the VPASS, Operation Boyce!

Citizens and convoys were  planned to come to our rescue from all areas of NB, Nova Scotia and other provinces! When the government implements tyrannical laws and mandates, civil disobedience is a must!

We were advised by a panel of lawyers and national leaders about our resistance. Because of the shear size   of the crowds, we would naturally shut down the area and felt we needed to implement safety and peaceful rally protocols because of the heightened emotions. We made it clear — No invoking violence, no swearing at people, calling people names, spitting, throwing things, pushing or physical altercation of any kind, ultimately we must treat others with human respect!

We also had the cooperation of the Fredericton city police to manage traffic and keeping people safe. We stressed this was to be a peaceful demonstration — We also were calling all the vendors out to join in solidarity.

We had planned to surround the premises, with a large sound system and block the entrance to the Fredericton Boyce Market by lining up at the door as customers. We instructed them to capture serving the person denying entry the Notice of Liability from Action for Canada, called the business violations of customers. NOL LINK Then peacefully walk away and join the rally in progress!


The directors of the Market monitored what we were about to launch on them, making them liable! They changed their illegal policy the day before! And the Government, Health Minister, Dorothy Shepherd removed the option for grocery stores to be able to ask for a VPASS!!!!


Thank you Tanya Gaw and Action4Canada for your training and ongoing support as Chapter Leaders here in NB!

And thanks to George Bears for joining us with Chairman Brian Peckford and your many membered team who effectively brought the threat of convoys.

We could NOT have done it without all the collaboration and the boots on the ground!

Thank you George Bears, who has connected us with amazing people across our Country! We look forward to working together again in the near future. Together we WIN!

God keep our land Glorious and Free!

Rev Ken & Bonnie Gilliard

Fredericton Chapter Leader @