For nearly a year, Prime Minister Trudeau and Health Minister Duclos aggressively browbeat Canadians that mass-vaccination was the only way out of the pandemic. They mandated the experimental mRNA injections, denied livelihoods and even employment insurance benefits to those that refused, openly and repeatedly vilified and with full-throated rhetoric normalized the persecution and discrimination of unvaccinated Canadians. The Prime Minister mused if we should “tolerate” such people and Minister Duclos encouraged provinces to criminalize being unvaccinated.

They did all of this under the constant refrain that they were “following the science”, “listening to the experts”, and following “public health advice and recommendations”.

It was all a lie.

Last week, Epoch Times and freelance reporter Rupa Subramanya broke the story that the Trudeau Liberal government had absolutely no science or recommendation to implement their unconstitutional vaccine mandate for travel.

Their stories are completely based on the sworn testimonies of senior public servants found in recently released court documents related to ongoing lawsuits against the federal government’s travel mandate.

It cannot be stressed enough that not a single government witness was able to present or even confirm the existence of any scientific evidence supporting the travel mandates or recommendations to implement such mandates.

Although these lawsuits are specifically concerned with the travel mandates, the federal government also implemented other vaccine mandates against federal employees and within certain federally regulated sectors, like airports.

When you read the government witnesses’  answers carefully, you will notice that they make no attempt to suggest that the other mandates are supported by science either. Surely, if they were, the relevant research would have been, at least, referenced as part of the broader justification for the travel mandates as well?

None of the mandates were ever justified with any science. It was all a lie.

This was confirmed to the entire world by Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the chief architects of the US’ COVID-19 response, lockdowns, and mandates. Testifying to Congress under oath, she acknowledged that they had no evidence vaccines helped against transmission and noted that they simply “hoped” they did.

To drill the point even deeper. When tens of thousands of Canadians assembled before Parliament, supported by millions of Canadians across the country, and asked their government to end all mandates, the Trudeau Liberal Government did not just ignore them… they invoked martial law.

Bank accounts frozen, assets seized, peaceful protests brutally assaulted and trampled by horses, regular Canadians turned into political prisoners.

The greatest violation of civil liberties in Canada in modern times was perpetrated… to protect a lie. Moreover, they even lied to Parliament and Canadians to justify invoking the Emergencies Act.

A lie to protect a lie.


Woefully for our great Canada, the Trudeau Government has now decided to continue this habit of issuing decrees without a shred of evidence for their policy objectives. Specifically, last week they announced that they were banning the importation of legal handguns as of August 19.


They issued this Ministerial decree on the false claim that it would reduce gun crime in Canada. Estimates vary, but the number of murders committed since 2016 with legally obtained firearms is in the single digits. The overwhelming majority of gun crime is committed with illegal handguns and other firearms smuggled from the US and by unlicensed individuals.


It is far past time all Canadians stood up against this morally and ethnically corrupt Government that governs by dictate, lies, censors, and bullies.


The Emperor has no science, and the Emperor has got to go.