We founded TBOF in 2021 genuinely believing that justice would prevail and that the immoral, unethical, and unconstitutional vaccine mandates would be swiftly repealed. Even more so, when the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa, we again believed that, surely, now with clear popular dissent and international peers abandoning such policies, our mission would soon be accomplished.

Now, nearly a full year since government started segregating Canadians by medical status, two things have become crystal clear to TBOF:

(1) the COVID-19 policies were merely a symptom of the greater malaise in Canadian society; and

(2) that safeguarding against future government overreach requires re-empowering Canadians to hold public officials and institutions accountable.

The federal Government’s recent capitulations to “suspend” the mandates only reinforced these revelations and helped us understand our path forward: TBOF must transform into a permanent organization capable of taking on the generational struggle to preserve liberty, democracy, and the rule of law.

Therefore, we are pleased to unveil TBOF’s new mandate as recently developed by our Board of Directors, with input from our volunteers across Canada (full details here).

Going forward, TBOF’s mission shall be to engage, educate, and empower Canadians to become catalysts for challenging their institutions, holding their representatives personally accountable, and reclaiming their inalienable rights and freedoms.

Central to our new strategy is collaborating with other organizations to develop a freedom ecosystem and network that proliferates the values of human rights and the rule of law, gives platforms to and supports our leaders, and unapologetically challenge the corrosive and divisive narratives and ideas that have seeped into all elements of our public and private institutions.

  • For example, recently, we partnered with We Unify Canada and Vaccine Choice Canada to plan the first Reclaim Canada Conference, bringing together scientific, legal, and civic leaders together to begin charting where our movement goes from here.
  • This month, we are supporting Canada Marches and Veterans 4 Freedom with James Topps’ ~4,500 kilometer march from BC to Ottawa in an effort to inspire dialogue and understanding between Members of Parliament and the Canadians they serve and calling on the federal Government to permanently repeal all vaccine mandates.

As TBOF moves forward into this new chapter for the freedom movement, we wish to again thank you and all of our supporters, volunteers, and donors. Your contributions and commitment enable us to continue the fight for restoring our democracy and reclaiming our institutions.

In particular, as always, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to the Truckers and Freedom Convoy demonstrators that inspired millions of Canadians into action. The Government’s capitulation on most mandates is all thanks to you. You gave us the courage to resist – now TBOF will continue the struggle!