On June 14, the federal Liberal Government announced the suspension of most mandatory vaccination policies. Although the Government claimed to be doing this “because of the science”, this was clearly yet another false statement. Since January, 2022, and in large part thanks to the Truckers and Freedom Convoy demonstrators, the Government has been facing increasing pressure from civil society, labour unions, the private sector, and even from within the Liberal Party caucus.


Given this Government’s profound disregard for fundamental freedoms and human rights, TBOF was not surprised to learn that Government is neither repealing any of the mandates nor are all mandates being suspended.


Firstly, the Government made clear they may re-invoke the mandates at any time depending on the future epidemiological situation. It is particularly concerning that during the same announcement, Government also conveyed that they would be upgrading the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include being “up to date” (i.e., having had at least one booster in the last six months). Should the mandates be re-invoked, this could capture tens of millions of Canadians as being “not fully vaccinated”.


This Government has shattered any semblance of trust with Canadians and is undeserving of being given the benefit of the doubt or presumed to be acting in good faith. For example, Canadians learned yet another incredible, yet unsurprising, development yesterday through the ongoing litigation of TBOF’s Chairman, the Honourable Brian Peckford’s Charter challenge against the federal Government. Specifically, the Public Health Agency of Canada Chief Epidemiologist and Transport Canada’s Head of Policy both stated under oath that PHAC and TC never recommended vaccine mandates to the Government as there was no scientific evidence demonstrating their efficacy against transmission.


Secondly, certain COVID-19 travel restrictions continue to apply. This includes mandatory masking within airports and on flights as well as a mandatory 14-day quarantine for unvaccinated Canadians re-entering Canada from abroad. Keeping this quarantine is particularly mean spirited as it de facto precludes almost all unvaccinated Canadians from actually leaving Canada as they would ostensibly need to return to the workplace after their trip.


Finally, and of greatest offense, the Government continues to keep mandatory vaccination rules in place for Truckers. This decision reflects a childish and punitive Government that continues to denigrate and condescend against the honest, hard working Canadians that stood up against government overreach and inspired a nation to action.


TBOF refuses to celebrate an autocratic Government giving back to the people the rights that they always had as inviolable in the first place.


Our mandate is to see the complete repeal of all COVID-19 restrictions and push forward until there is full accountability for the pandemic’s gross mismanagement and the invocation of immoral, unethical, and unconstitutional mandates.


The continued and restless support, participation, and donations of millions of Canadians like yourself are integral to our efforts and again wish to express our gratitude.


To our patriotic Truckers, TBOF and Canadians have your backs and we will not let off the pressure until you also have your human dignity restored.