As TBOF and countless other organizations and Canadians have been warning, the legacy media is finally being forced to concede that the COVID-19 injections are not as “safe” or as “effective” as claimed by politicians and public health officials.
According to CTV, the federal government has already paid out $2.7m to 50 claimantsunder the Vaccine Injury Support Program. These recipients are all persons who have been “seriously” injured by the COVID-19 injections.
As CTV reports, the Canada Public Health Agency (PHAC) stated that COVID-19 serious reactions are “rare”: only 1 in 10,000 will suffer a serious injury. Sure enough, about 95 million doses have been administered in Canada and as PHAC notes, there are 10,000 serious reported injuries.
For context, prior to COVID-19, pharamecutial products would be pulled off of the shelves for only a handful of serious injuries, let alone deaths. Yet, the untested and experimental COVID-19 products have broken all safety signal records and continue to be pushed by Canadian politicians and public health officials (even co-opting Santa into their propaganda).
As Alberta’s Sheldon Yakiwchuk explores in his latest Substack, the actual data is even more alarming.
The full truth is far from being fully exposed or discussed in Canada. However, it is reassuring to consider how far we have come compared to just earlier this year. Across the West, more and more doctors are finally publicly turning against the injections.