Your Key Influencer Challenge

This questionnaire is designed primarily as an equipping or education tool for concerned citizens. Topics are broken down to allow you to focus on items of greatest interest. We cover topics of primary importance towards the goal of ending all Covid Mandates by ending the so-called ‘emergency’.

This questionnaire is also designed as a tool to guide ‘group discussion’ on certain issues of controversy relating to C-19. The goal is to bring group(s) of people together by first identifying the points of greatest common concern and then best actions to take.

Freedom is Not Free. Freedom calls upon every generation to be willing sacrifice and fight for freedoms. Our government’s overreach and abuse of power is our generation’s fight to Take Back our Freedoms.

① FACT: How Our Rights & Freedoms Have Been Taken

1. Are you aware the declaration of a health ‘emergency’ by your Premier activates ‘Emergency Powers’ legislation granting the Premier (and inner circle) near limitless power to issue and enforce ‘Mandates’ even if the Mandates have consequence to suspend basic rights and freedoms of citizens?

2. Are you aware that the continuance of such Emergency Powers, even in a pandemic, expires after a certain number of days, requiring a resolution of the Legislative Assembly for its continuance?

3. Are you aware that the Mandates issued by the Premier’s inner circle, including the most recent ‘Vaccination’ and ‘Vaccine Passport’ Mandates can only be issued or remain in place if the Emergency Power Legislation continues to be invoked?

4. Did you know these extreme measures were implemented even though authorities knew beforehand that the fully vaccinated are as infectious as the unvaccinated?

5. Are you aware that all C-19 related Mandates, including masks, social distancing, business, and school closures, forced vaccinations etc., have been fully removed in other nations including Japan and Sweden?

6. Are you aware that according to Sec 52 of the Canadian Constitution, that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is Considered the Supreme Law of Canada above provincial edicts, laws and regulations?

7. Are you aware the current C-19 Mandates in force across Canada directly violate the Charter, including Sections 2, freedom of assembly, association, religion, conscience, & expression; Section 6, the right of mobility & to pursue a livelihood anywhere in Canada; Section 7, the right to life, liberty & the security of the person, and Section 15, the right of equality before the law?”

8. Given the current level of ‘health emergency’, do you believe it justifies the continued suspension of individual rights and freedoms of the citizens of Canada, including forcing people to take an unproven vaccine and the continued abeyance of the Charter Rights and Freedoms?

② FACT: Forcing People to Take the C-19 Vaccine is Unscientific, Unethical and Unlawful

9. Are you aware that the USA officials changed the definition of ‘vaccines’ (@ minute 4:00 in video) which allowed the Moderna and Pfizer C19 ‘injection mRNA treatments’ to now be referred to as ‘vaccines’?

10. Are you aware the C-19 vaccines, having NOT undertaken any long-term testing, do NOT have official (FDA) Approval and are therefore considered experimental and ‘Authorized’ under the FDA’s ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ (EUA)?

11. Are you aware that the Nuremberg Code (signed to by Canada after WW2) protects any person from being coerced to take an experimental vaccine or treatment without Informed Consent?

12. Are you aware that Informed Consent means prior to treatment or vaccine, patient is informed of a) risks and benefits associated with a treatment, b) information on alternative treatments is made available, c) have capacity to comprehend and d) must be voluntary, without coercion or duress?

13. Do you know anyone who, before being given the C-19 ‘vaccine’, was provided information necessary to be able to give ‘informed consent’?

14. Do you support the ‘Vaccination Mandate’, forcing citizens to take the C-19 ‘vaccine’, with threat and consequence of job loss and not qualifying for unemployment insurance?

15. Are you concerned such forced Vaccination Mandate, which includes health care workers, police officers and other front line emergency workers, might negatively impact health care and community safety, thereby creating an even deeper ‘emergency’?

16. Are you surprised so many (about 10 - 15%) healthcare and front-line safety workers are deciding, at cost of job loss, to not take the C-19 vaccine?

17. Have you considered that such front-line health and safety workers may know more than the general-public as to the safety and efficacy of C-19 vaccines?

③ FACT: The C-19 ‘Vaccines’ are NOT Working As Hoped

18. Are you aware the C-19 vaccinated can both acquire and spread C-19, in fact just as likely to spread the Delta variant as the unvaccinated? (@ 60 second of video)

19. Are you aware the C-19 vaccines show declining effectiveness within 4-6 months after the second shot?

20. Are you aware that Israel, one of the first nations to be majority double vaxed has recently added a requirement of a 3rd shot to be considered ‘fully vaxed’, with an expectation of a 4th by early 2022?

21. Have you noticed, since the C-19 ‘vaccines’ were introduced a year ago (Dec 2020), that what we’ve been told by the experts & authorities on how well the vaccine will work is drastically different than the current reality?

22. Did you know even Bill Gates now admits the C-19 vaccines have been ‘absolutely horrific’?

23. Are you aware of recent, credible statistics coming out of Sweden and Great Britain (September 2021) that on a per capita basis, the vaccinated are significantly more likely to get sick and be hospitalized with C-19 than the unvaccinated?

24. Given that Great Britain fully vaccinated most of their population about 2 - 3 months before Canada did, should the recent data from Britain be concerning to our Health Authorities and our Premier?

④ FACT: The C-19 Vaccines Are NOT Safe

25. Are you aware that government data in USA (VAERS) and Europe (Euro-vigilance) confirms more deaths and serious health damage from the C-19 vaccines in 9 months, than from all other vaccines combined, over the past 30 years?

26. Are you aware, for those under the age of 20 with no co-morbidities, that the C-19 ‘vaccines’ cause measurably more serious adverse events and deaths than what COVID itself caused in same age bracket before the vaccine Mandates for young people started?

27. Are you aware that the French Academy of Doctors now advises that children not be c-19 ‘vaccinated’ as the risks outweigh the benefits?

28. Are you aware Pfizer targets children in their advertising?       * When watching this video, note at end the Pfizer disclaimer, zoom in and read carefully

29. Have you heard of heart conditions including myocarditis being reported at much higher numbers than usual for teenagers and young adults taking the C-19 vaccines?

30. Are you aware of a recent peer reviewed Study out of California, that found children given the C-19 vaccines, between ages 12 and 15, were 19 times more likely to develop myocarditis than the general population of the same age?

31. Are you aware that the Journal of the American Medical Association had to retract their earlier conclusion that the C-19 vaccines were safe for pregnant women, admitting "data was incomplete"?

32. Are you aware that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was previously found guilty of criminal fraud (2009), paying a fine of $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in US history?

33. Are you aware the FDA has recently made application to be permitted 55 years before fully releasing the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ studies/data?

34. If points 18– 33 are verifiably true, do you believe the media, health services and the Premier are being honest by describing the C-19 vaccines as safe and effective?

35. If points 18– 33 are verifiably true, is it understandable and reasonable for a person to decide for safety’s sake, to not take the C-19 vaccine?

36. If points 18– 33 are verifiable true, do you agree alternative medications or treatments for C-19 should be explored and if found to be effective and safe, be immediately permitted for use?

⑤ FACT: Health Authorities Refuse to Acknowledge Science of Natural Immunity

37. Are you aware there are over 30 studies, including many peer-reviewed confirming Natural Immunity to be far more lasting than the C-19 vaccines and broader in spectrum for providing effective immunity against C-19, including the variants such as Delta?

38. Are you aware of an in-depth Israeli study finding Natural Immunity at least 13x stronger than the immunity C-19 vaccines provide?

39. Are you aware Sweden has declared an end of the C-19 pandemic by achieving Herd (Natural) Immunity?

40. We you aware that the Center for Disease Control (CDC), though advocating that the naturally immune should be Mandated to be C-19 vaccinated, was unable to provide proof of one instance of an unvaccinated, naturally immune individual transmitting the C-19 virus to another? 

41. Do you agree with the Premier’s and Health Services policy to NOT recognise Natural Immunity (the science of testing to prove person has antibodies against C-19) as a valid basis for exemption from C-19 Vaccine Mandates?

42. Have you heard from the government or health authorities a scientific reason as to why they will not recognise Natural Immunity?

43. Does it seem reasonable, given that most unvaccinated health care and emergency workers likely have Natural Immunity, that health authorities and the Premier will still NOT accept the science and allow at least those workers to keep their jobs?

44. Does the fact that something so basic as ‘Natural Immunity’ NOT being recognised by our ‘health officials’, make you wonder if there is an incentive built into our health care bureaucracy to bias decision making towards the interests of big Pharma?

⑥ FACT: Ivermectin is a Safe & Effective Treatment for C-19

45. Have you heard that Ivermectin, as a medication or treatment (in combination with zinc, quercetin, vitamins C and D3 etc.) is being used in many other nations, by front-line Doctors and medical experts to effectively treat patients with C-19?

46. Are you aware there are over 125 major scientific studies, 82 ‘peer-reviewed’, that validate Ivermectin (in combination with zinc, quercetin, vitamins D and C etc.) as an effective treatment against C-19, especially in prevention of, and early treatment for C-19?

47. Are you aware that the Province’s health policy for those testing C -19 positive, provides no protocol whatsoever for any preventive or therapeutic treatment while in quarantine with C-19?

48. Are you aware that studies show early use of Ivermectin (after testing positive) results in a range of 40% - 90% decline in C-19 hospitalizations?

49. Do you agree a 40% - 90% reduction in C-19 hospitalizations would be helpful in addressing the shortage of hospital beds and ICU units in Canada?

50. Are you aware the State of ‘Uttar Pradesh’ (most heavily populated in India) has been declared C-19 free, (after an intense program of prevention and early treatment, using Ivermectin), even though only a small percentage of the population is vaccinated’?

52. Have you heard government authorities as well as the mainstream media refer to Ivermectin as a "horse medication"?

53. Are you aware that Ivermectin has been prescribed to humans over 3.7 billion times during the past, near 40 years?

54. Are you aware, prior to the C-19 pandemic, Ivermectin was found to be effective as an antiviral treatment, in addition to being an anti-parasitic?

55. Are you aware that Ivermectin’s safety profile is better than that of Aspirin or Tylenol, and is considered one of the world’s safest and most important medications?

56. Are you aware that the inventors of Ivermectin were awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize for the millions of human lives it saved against devastating parasitic diseases?

57. Are you aware that Ivermectin is a generic drug, meaning the original patent holder of Ivermectin (pharma company Merck), no longer earns royalties from the production and use of Ivermectin?

58. Are you aware the provincial health services, has expressly forbidden the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of C-19, with consequence that experienced medical doctors have been terminated for prescribing Ivermectin to their patients, regardless such treatment lead to positive outcome for their patients?

59. If points 37-58 are verifiably true, do you agree governing authorities should take immediate steps to restore the sacrosanct Doctor-Patient Relationship to specifically allow Medical Doctors to prescribe to their patient, proven and safe medications for C-19 (like Ivermectin).

60. If points 37-58 are verifiably true, do you agree allowing medications such as Ivermectin would likely lead to lowering of C-18 related hospitalizations, such that the declared ‘Emergency’ can be ended?

⑦ FACT: The Vaccine Passports are a Threat to Future Freedoms

61. Do you agree with the current ‘Vaccine Mandate’ to ban the unvaccinated from public places (schools, theatres, restaurants, arenas, work etc.) even though it is well known that the fully vaccinated are as infectious as the unvaccinated?

62. Are you concerned, as is now being implemented in other jurisdictions, that such vaccine verification Mandate will be expanded to NOT PERMIT the unvaccinated to:

a) Travel via public plane, train, bus or ship?

b) Attend places of worship (Churches, Mosques, Temples etc.)?

c) Go to grocery stores or other shopping venue?

d) Attend a medical clinic or hospital for treatment?

63. Are you aware that unvaccinated persons (in Ohio, USA as example) are being turned away as dis-qualified for life saving organ transplants?

64. Are you aware the German government in 1938, declared Jews as responsible for the spread of Typhus (with the support of so called ‘medical experts’), and on that basis banned Jews from public places, including grocery stores, restaurants, schools and universities, entertainment and sporting venues etc.?

65. Are you aware of political and establishment leaders characterizing the unvaccinated as spreaders of C-19, including York University professor, Doug Little tweet stating, “My position is we must make the lives of the unvaccinated a total misery and just keep escalating the exclusions until we crush the resistance and break the spirit in order to force compliance and so they learn not to resist government mandates?”

66. Are you concerned the so-called ‘vaccine passports’ once in place, will be used beyond confirming vaccination status, to also monitor & control the personal lives of law-abiding citizens using biometric and geo-location technology; to know where you are, who you are with and what you are doing, how you are banking & spending your money etc.?

67. Are you aware such intrusive monitoring is up and running in Communist China under the name of ‘the social credit system’?

68. Do you think that the government can be trusted with such capacity to monitor and control near every aspect of the lives of its citizens?

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Take Action: Based on what you found as new information or most compelling, we suggest you write a letter to your Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), your provincial elected representatives to be sent both by email as well as regular mail.

We provide guidelines for an effective Letter as well as a link to find out who your MLA is and their contact information. For those who are part of a group, or can organize to represent a group, we also suggest an in-person-meeting with your MLA. Again, we provide guidelines for a successful meeting with your MLA.

Finally, regardless of if your MLA is already ‘on-side’, or not, or which political party they represent, your letter matters a lot.

We also provide guidance for ‘hot button points’ for MLAs who are more liberal/ left leaning (NDP, Liberals) as well as those who identify as conservative.

Appeal to their values, to win them over.