So, for a lot of us, we have come to distrust the mainstream parties and therefore trusting them on some things as monumental as getting to the bottom of whether all these Government mandates ( all 14 Governments) were necessary and constitutional is just too much.

Well, why don’t we trust them? Because they won’t show us their Party books.

How they spend their Party money. So how can we trust them on the hundreds of millions being spent of taxpayers money .

And they have lied to us. The vaccinated transmit the virus: not what we were told!

Drug Companies, no liability, vaccines experimental and never went through proper testing.

Sure, the Liberals and NDP Federally bought medical equipment from the Chinese. And a lot of it had to be thrown out. They were even going to setup a Lab in Canada at Dalhousie University with the Chinese!!!

The Greens are still in leadership crisis—-the Conservatives are in one and came to the real party of seeing what the Liberals and NDP were up to only when it was convenient.

And now two weeks to flatten the curve has become boosters every 9 months, so says the Federal Health Minister. That alone is a scandal.

And Provincially and Territorially the Governments all followed with their noses the Federal Mantra of half truths, spin, and deflection. You know that $45 billion this year in Federal Health Transfer to the Provinces and Territories carries a lot of weight.

And the Press have capitulated in the arms of a Federal Government outlay of $600 million over three years and other monies under covid Federal and Provincial money. And many have joined the Trusted News Initiative, a false name for the international press and tech titans that only carry the Government story on the virus and vaccines and lockdowns and mandates.

And then the unconstitutional Emergencies Act that was recommended by the police—well, no , the facts say —and then the Public Health Agency—well ,no , the facts show—dark money behind the convoy—well , no , the facts show.

Besides,  I wrote all Governments about supporting a National Inquiry.

New Brunswick said they would investigate themselves… The others? All silent, except an electronic generic answer.

So now you have Taking Back Our Freedoms, an organization that wants to lead, with other organizations, a citizen led National Inquiry. Just announced. Put on this blog yesterday.

In the early stages—but it needs people and money .

The website is :

In the right hand corner of the main page you will see some horizontal bars, click on them  and presto you will see donate.

This is not a flash in the pan —to be successful this will take time , so right now it is a start up as the press release says:

‘Our initial goal is to raise $20,000.00 this month. This will go toward web-design, branding & outreach, and other key preliminary logistics that will underpin the Inquiry’s backbone. 

Your support will accelerate its development and ensure we can get resources and people we need to make it a success.

Whatever you can donate, $5, $10, $25, $50, or more, is greatly appreciated.

Over the coming weeks, we will be establishing a steering committee and setting out terms of reference for the inquiry. We look forward to providing updates in the near future.

    • The Inquiry’s scope, timeline, and details will be set out over the coming weeks through a steering committee comprised of various freedom organizations and experts. Generally, we envision a monumental demonstration of citizen initiative that will take place across several months and in multiple locations across Canada.
    • The inquiry will draw testimony from Canadians impacted by the pandemic policies and put together an authoritative record as to the pandemic measures’ impact on individuals and society.
    • This record will be publicly accessible and available to all Canadians seeking redress through the courts and, most importantly, trying to hold elected and unelected officials accountable for their policies.’

Just use the same process , click the horizontal bars on the TBOF main page and click news to get the whole press release.

Sign up and contribute if you can .

Big project—-

Necessary , if we are to ever get to the bottom of just what happened and who is responsible and for them to be accountable before the law if that is where the facts lead.