In another display of the lack of common sense and the absence of the application of JUSTICE Canada has stooped again to the nadir of civilized behaviour.
Can we ever recover our sense of decency and fairness?
Freedom award winner Tamara Lich is taking the brunt of this Federal Government’s fury against ciivil disobedience , a Government supported ,it seems, by many in this breech of Canadian fair play.
Need I cite that this latest arrest is most egregious in that every one knew where Tamara was ——in her home city of Medicine Hat, and yet a country wide warrant was issued for her arrest as if she was some kind of serial rapist or murderer.
The tragic irony of it all makes Greek Tragedy look lame as a Freedom Award Winner is displayed as a practitioner of high treason.
As a boy I witnesses unfairness on the sports field or in the behaviour of a bully in class —-and later in politics when the first Premier of Newfoundland tried to bully me to his political party and threaten my job , or when Justin Trudeau’s father and his cohorts tried to deny Newfoundland and Labrador JUSTICE in dealing with Fishery matters , offshore resource matters , or Labrador power matters , and always with the silent support of many ————
BUT never in my wildest dreams did I think that his son , and many in the population, would in 2022 sacrifice decent justice on the altar of technicalities of the law .
Years ago when speaking at political rallies I often invoked my story that I thought that in the early days of Newfoundland’s discovery and early development that two types of ships left the old country to come to this new found land —one type was the law ships and the other were the justice ships.
Crossing the North Atlantic the Justice Ships sunk in violent storms ——-the Law Ships sailed in more peaceful waters and reached their destination , to flourish and apply the technicalities of the law —-where JUSTICE was denied.
History has a way of coming back to haunt us——as a matter of fact my first book was entitled ‘The Past In The Present’.