This Monday, Ontario CMOH, Dr. Kieran Moore, will announce a “recommendation” to resuming masking. He is claiming masking is necessary to ease pressure on the healthcare system by reducing transmission of respiratory viruses (e.g., flu, COVID-19).

You’ve seen this movie before. Today it’s a recommendation, tomorrow is a mandate.

It has been well established for decades that masks do not work against respiratory viruses (check our COVID-19 Resources for peer-reviewed articles on this). This is why Canada’s 2006 pandemic plan explicitly noted masks are not a meaningful tool against transmission. BC’s CMOH, Dr. Bonnie Henry often repeated this fact at the beginning of the pandemic, before inexplicably becoming a mask advocate.

The fact is, a COVID-19 virus particle is a fraction of a fraction of the size of the hole of a cloth mask. Same goes for N-95 masks – which are meant for industrial use against dust particles many times the size of a virus particle.

It has never been about your safety. It has always been about control. The legacy media is again colluding with charlatan “experts”, trying to create false narratives. For example, CTV is again running a pro-masking survey in another attempt to squeak a poll by us. They desperately want to be able to claim that “Canadians support masking”. Participate in this polltoday and support Alberta Premier Smith’s ban against mask mandates in schools.

This is not just an Ontario problem. The Covid zealots will leverage any victory in Ontario to push mandates again everywhere else in Canada.

If you are reading this, we need you to act immediately.

This is what you can do right now to help:

  1. Contact your MPP/MLA and your MP (click here to find them)
  2. Write them a simple message:
    • “Dear XYZ,The Province of Ontario is issuing a masking recommendation on November 14. Masks have done nothing to curb transmission against COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses, and in fact are particularly harmful to children’s mental development.

      Do you support Ontario’s decision?

      [If outside of Ontario] Do you want our province to have a mask recommendation?

      Would you support a mask mandate?

      Thank you,”

  3. Register your action with TBOF!

This circus only ends when enough of us stand up, and take back our freedoms!