The Ontario Government has disbanded the Ontario Science Table (“OST”) effective September 6, 2022. The OST’s advice and modelling, which was seldom made public, was regularly relied upon to justify the myriad of restrictive COVID-19 measures over the past 2.5 years. Their models were always wrong, and time and court documents continue to prove that their recommendations were never scientific or effective.

Now, as quickly as these unelected technocrats were constituted and given sweeping and unaccountable influence over Ontarians’ lives, they are being unceremoniously ushered off the stage.

A scramble is happening across the world right now, wherever the mRNA vaccines, masks, and lockdowns were recklessly pushed.

As the narrative of the vaccines’ safety & efficacy and the lockdowns’ necessity crumbles, politicians and health officials are scurrying to blame the other and attempt to avoid the public reckoning ever closer on the horizon.

This started about two weeks ago with the CDC revising its guidelines so that there is no longer a difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, and removing various safety statements for the mRNA jabs – including that the spike protein leaves the body quickly.

Shortly thereafter, Fauci announced his resignation.

Then, in Canada, the US, and the UK a symphony of politicians suddenly started blaming health officials for the lockdowns. UK Prime Minster hopeful Rishi Sunak stated today that he tried to speak out against lockdowns but that the bureaucrats, who of course have no seat at the Cabinet table, could simply not be outmaneuvered.

In a particularly ironic twist, the US House Democrats released a report a few days ago (now two months from the congressional election) blaming Trump for rushing the vaccines in order to influence the 2020 election.

It seems that the Ontario Government recognizes the wind is turning and that, if it gets into a politicians-said / scientists-said, its best for the politicians if the scientists have no formal platform from which to coordinate an organized and formally recognized platform.

The duty of all Canadians who resisted and held the line now turns to advance and increase the pressure on the politicians, scientists, doctors, legacy media, corporations, and all other individuals that fervently supported and pushed the immoral, unethical, unconstitutional, and economy destabilizing restrictions and mandates.

As we do so, these charlatans will only squirm harder and squeal louder as they trip over themselves to push the other in front of the bus.

Ka-thunk, ka-thunk!