An MLA will seldom agree to an in-person meeting with a single constituent unless they know you personally. On the other hand, a request coming from an organization or group (church, ethnic group, business network, group of professionals) is more difficult to dismiss. Such face-to-face meetings are considered in political circles to potentially represent thousands of voters.


    1. Write respectfully and call their office(s) requesting such meeting.
    2. Mention the topic in general, but don’t go into any specifics.
      – If you don’t personally know your MLA, you may wish to avoid signalling which side you are on.
    3. Mention there will be a few others coming (3-5 is ideal)


  1. INTRODUCTIONS: If one of those coming is a medical, educational, or emergency professional, highlight that as well (doctors, teachers, nurses, police of emergency officers can be very effective).
  2. AGENDA: Have a specific agenda planned, to take no more than 20 minutes of the MLA’s time:
    – Very brief introduction of attendees (leave business cards or bios if you wish)
    – A lead or point-person to keep everyone on topic and schedule
    – Each can contribute in some manner
    – Make sure there is time to present the ‘request’ your group is putting to the MLA and presenting of materials you brought with you.
  3. SUPPORTING MATERIAL: Bring printed material / information with you in support of your meeting (the C-19 Awareness Questionnaire provides links with all kinds of reputable sources and data that can be printed and presented, including most recent VAERS data, materials on Ivermectin etc.)
  4. IMPORTANT: Request of MLA / MPP that the ‘Committee Process’ be used to present the data represented by the Doctors whose names are here and to have that information responded to by the Medical Health Officer.
  5. YOUR ASK(S):
    a) A firm No to forced vaccination of our children.
    b) Restore the sacred Doctor-Patient Relationship (DPR), meaning allow MDs to prescribe safe and proven medications such as Ivermectin.
    c) Recognize Natural Immunity as providing complete and lasting immunity from C-19; therefore
    d) End the “Emergency” which is the sole basis upon which the C-19 Mandates operate.

FOLLOW-UP: Request a follow up of some sort, a response in writing or follow up meeting to provide the MLA with additional requested material, evidence etc.

FINAL ACTION OF GROUP: If the MLA is not willing to commit in some manner to investigate the information, or is being dismissive or combative etc., a final action can be taken by the group to serve the MLA with a signed Notice of Liability.

• You are witnesses to the fact that the MLA was presented with the information/ evidence that could save many lives.
• Make sure you keep a copy of the Notice of Liability to include date served.
• In saying no to a reasoned request from the group, the MLA may carry legal responsibility and liability with possibility of serious consequences.

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