TBOF was originally founded to push back against and secure the full repeal of all COVID-19 vaccination mandates. During our struggle against these immoral, unethical, and unconstitutional measures, we realized that the pandemic’s entire mismanagement and resulting restrictions were merely a symptom of a greater malaise in Canadian society.

Over decades, and by a thousand cuts, the integrity of our public institutions and legislatures has been eroded, the rule of law compromised, and fundamental human dignity subverted by corrosive moral relativism.

Therefore, we realized that the only path forward was to transform TBOF in to a legacy institution capable of continuing this generational struggle of rejuvenating our democracy and institutions.

Serving the freedom movement as a convener, TBOF will leverage its unique intersection among politics, law, health, and advocacy to support and proliferate a freedom network capable of advancing our mutual goals, amplifying our values and ideas, giving our leaders a platform, and empowering Canadians to coordinate spontaneously.

These objectives and our internal operations are driven by our Vision, Values, and Mission which you can read below. Help us continue our many successes against government overreach by getting involved with TBOF in your community.

Join us in empowering Canadians to reclaim their institutions and restoring the primacy of fundamental freedoms and human dignity at the centre of our democracy.


TBOF’s Vision is to empower Canadians to recreate their country as the loving, just, and compassionate nation it was meant to be. To reclaim our institutions through local and national citizen engagement. To proliferate a culture of individual duty for the health of our democracy and to rapidly and regularly hold public officials personally accountable when they do not uphold the best interests of the people.


  • Truth & Integrity
  • Liberty & Duty
  • Compassion & Courage


To engage, educate, and empower Canadians to become catalysts for challenging their institutions, holding their representatives personally accountable, and reclaiming their inalienable rights and freedoms.