As the Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney repeatedly promised he would never instate vaccine mandates. In mid-2021, he broke his promise.

TBOF, collaborating with key organizations like Take Back Alberta, mobilized rapidly and put immediate pressure on UCP MLAs to call a leadership review. We achieved this.

Starting in January 2022, for five months, and despite Kenney manipulating the UCP rules several times to try and given himself an advantage, TBOF helped sign up over 20,000 new UCP members. When the final leadership vote was called and counted, 16,000 Albertans voted against Kenney. Within hours, Kenney announced he was stepping down as Premier and leader of the UCP.

These 16,000 votes represented around 0.25% of Alberta’s population. Just 16,000 people, each paying $10 for a membership and mailing off a simple ballot, that’s all it took to bring a Premier down.

This incredible victory demonstrated just how simple and achievable it is to make a difference. Each of us only needs to do a little bit, and when we all do it together, unaccountable politicians are simply swept away.