For over three weeks, despite sustained and aggressive efforts by several police forces, and even against the invocation of martial law, the Freedom Convoy protestors refused to be provoked by the federal Liberal Government into committing violence.

The Freedom protestors exemplified to the entire world the very best of what it means to be Canadian: dignified, resilient, hopeful, and standing up loudly against injustice. For three weeks, bearing -25 temperatures or lower, thousands of protestors persevered against constant intimidation and vilification from police, the government, and media.

The demonstrators exposed the federal Liberal Government’s true authoritative self for all Canadians to see. Ultimately, the Government had to invoke martial law in order to regain control of the situation, resulting in the freezing of bank accounts, seizure of property, and assault of peaceful protestors.

Throughout all of this, TBOF was on the ground working behind the scenes. Our senior leaders and advisors supported the convoy leaders and arranged for speakers and private charter flights. Our experts spoke on the mandates’ scientific and constitutional merits (or rather lack thereof). Perhaps most importantly, we tirelessly liaised with convoy leaders and hundreds of participants to counsel the need to remain peaceful and respectful at all times and particularly when interacting with the police.

Our efforts, along with those of many other organizations and individuals, helped preserve the Freedom Convoy as peaceful, positive, and resilient. This set the standard for peacefully resisting the mandates that was then emulated by many countries around the world.

TBOF’s operations were only made possible by the generous contributions of our supporters. The donations allowed us to book hotel rooms for convoy leaders and experts, rent professional A/V equipment to help get the real news out to Canadians, and buy critical supplies for the truckers.

Although the Freedom Convoy ended with incredible abuse and overreach of government power, it completely succeeded in exposing the federal Liberal Party of Canada as autocratic and completely unwilling to engage in the democratic process and listen to those with opposing views.