After months of pressure from many freedom organizations, including TBOF, travel associations, airlines, politicians, civil leaders, and millions of Canadians, the federal Liberal Government finally decided that the “science had changed” and that the immoral, unethical, and unconstitutional vaccine mandates could be stopped.

This major accomplishment could not have been possible without Canadians, like TBOF supporters, relentlessly contacting MPs and airlines to express their concern and the need to immediately cease discrimination on the basis of vaccination status.

Unfortunately, the federal Liberal Government remained unwilling to remove the unscientific and ineffective mandates completely. Instead, they were merely “suspended” and with the threat of being “reinstated at any time”.

In addition, the Government stated they would increase the definition of “fully vaccinated” to require a booster instead of just two doses. The Government also refused to remove the defunct ArriveCan app which is wreaking havoc across Canadian airports. Finally, the Government also kept in place the 14-day quarantine for unvaccinated travelers as well as the vaccine mandate for truckers (a particularly punitive and vindictive decision).

Certainly, TBOF was pleased to achieve this major victory, particularly as it occurred in the broader context of deeply eroding the federal Liberal government’s credibility and remaining good faith with Canadians, businesses, and the international community.

However, we will not celebrate or express gratitude for government returning freedoms they have had a right to take in the first place.

Instead, we will keep pushing for accountability and for the complete withdrawal of all COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.