Canadians have just learned that the federal Liberal Government intends to imminently remove the remaining travel restrictions and make ArriveCan optional. This appears to include the mandatory-14 day quarantine for unvaccinated Canadians, the ability for unvaccinated foreigners to enter Canada, and random testing.

The details have yet to be announced officially. The Government has chosen to leak their intentions through various officials speaking to the press. Apparently, the restrictions will end on September 30.

The move comes on the eve of the Peckford case challenging the constitutionality of the travel mandates going before a federal judge tomorrow. The Trudeau Government motioned to dismiss the entire case on the grounds of mootness because they suspended the travel mandates in June (at least for Canadian citizens and residents). Perhaps their hope is that removing the remaining restrictions will strengthen their argument.

An alternative view is that the Liberals are scrambling in the wake of Pierre Poilievre’s resounding victory to become the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition. Removing the restrictions denies Poilievre a key line of attack.

Canada is of course among the last in the world to remove its travel restrictions. European countries axed theirs in the spring and enjoyed some recovery to their tourism sector. The Trudeau Liberals have fiercely held on to their various COVID-19 restrictions, insisting upon “the science” (despite failing to demonstrate in court any scientific evidence or mandate recommendations from health officials). Australia and New Zealand removed their restrictions earlier this month. The United States has few restrictions, other than the particularly obscene vaccine mandate for foreigners.

However, apparently based on Health Minister Duclos’ personal intervention in Cabinet, masks will continue to be required for planes and trains. As noted by dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles, masks do not meaningfully reduce transmission or infection. Masks are not mandated in the US, Europe, or any Canadian province.

More political science it seems.

TBOF is certainly pleased that these unconstitutional, unethical, and immoral Covid-19 mandates and restrictions are being removed. It is clear this Government had no intention of letting go of these powers and, if public opposition remained disorganized and intimidated, continued to viscerally discriminate against the unvaccinated. This latest capitulation from this cowardly and unCanadian government is a direct result of the efforts and support of Canadians such as yourself.

But our work is not nearly done however. We are only at halftime, at best.

We must hold our governments and elected and unelected officials accountable for creating these policies in the first place.

This is why TBOF is collaborating with other organizations to develop the National Citizens’ Inquiry which will enable all Canadians to participate in a comprehensive and independent investigation of the justifications behind and consequences of governments’ policies.

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