For two years, under CPC Leader Erin O’Toole, Canada had no meaningful Official Opposition against the Liberal Government’s pandemic restrictions and mandates. Mr. O’Toole refused to mount meaningful opposition against the government’s unscientific and unconstitutional restrictions and mandates. The Freedom Convoy’s arrival changed this quickly.

Thanks to the Truckers, freedom protestors, and the targeted efforts of TBOF supporters and thousands of other Canadians, the CPC Caucus was given significant support and encouragement to oust Mr. O’Toole. The sustained political engagement efforts led by TBOF and other organizations were a complete success.

Within four days of the Convoy’s arrival, Mr. O’Toole was ousted. This freed CPC MPs to begin openly supporting the growing freedom movement.

This victory demonstrated the power citizens wield and how they can destabilize political parties when they rapidly mobilize and put pressure on their elected representatives in a focused and sustained manner.