As TBOF reported here, Western University students have started the initiative “#Enoughisenough” to resist their institution’s recent decision to instate an immoral, unscientific, and unconstitutional vaccine + booster mandate for all students, staff, faculty, and most visitors.

Western Alumni, prominent doctors, and independent media are already speaking out and shaming Western University.

Make a difference right now by adding your voice to the fight.

Here are several easy actions to support these brave students standing up to their University. Do at least one today!

  1. If you have social media, follow @students4agency on Twitter (follow TBOF too @TBOFcanada)
  2. Email Western University’s Board at Ask them:
    – Why are they mandating boosters when Ontario’s CMOH Dr. Kiernan Moore has publicly stated Public Health will not recommend boosters because of the risks?

    – Where have they published the science and health & safety data they are relying on to support this decision?

    – Are they accepting responsibility for any injuries?

  3. Call Western University’s President and/or other senior management and ask them these same question (phone numbers here)
  4. Contact your own university or college and ask them whether they have any plans to reinstate vaccine or booster mandates.
  5. Contact the Minister for Colleges and Universities, Jill Dunlop and ask her why the Province is doing nothing to protect young adults CMOH Dr. Kiernan Moore has stated are at risk from the vaccines.

    Minister Dunlop’s contact info is here.