Strategically engaging your elected representatives (e.g., MPs, MLAs), especially in coordination with other community members, is one of the most effective ways to create local or national change in Canada.

On this page you will learn how to identify, contact, and engage your MP and/or MLA and how to register your action with TBOF.

Why bother contacting a politician?

Citizen apathy is a recipe for social and economic disaster – as recent years have clearly demonstrated. We all lose when we cynically throw our hands in the air and write off all politicians as “useless” and not worth our time. On the contrary, citizens keeping their elected representatives accountable is critical for any healthy democracy.

Direct Engagement Maintains Accountability

MPs and MLAs are particularly sensitive to direct engagement: emails, letters, phone calls, and meetings. As TBOF’s CEO Andrej Litvinjenko, who served an MP for years, explains:

When an MP sees you reach out, they know it takes effort and that only really motivated people will make that effort. MPs presume that if you are really motivated that then there is a good chance others in the community also share your concerns.

In their minds, every email, phone call, or meeting request represents 25-50 additional people in their constituency who have the same concerns.

So if you and 9 other friends all ask for a phone call or meeting, your MP is sweating. That could be up to 500 votes. Many politicians only win by a few hundred votes.

Your MPs and MLAs serve and are accountable to you and your community. Never be shy or feel intimidated; it is their function to listen to and represent your concerns to Parliament.

Below is information on how to identify and contact your MP or MLA, as well as tips on how to engage them.