Download Our Sample Letter

Download the sample letter to utilize as example to write your own letter to an MLA. A good letter is considered to represent the views of about 250 – 500 voters. Every letter matters!

Be Respectful and Specific

It is important to be respectful, clear and specific. Request specific actions from your MLA.

Be Concise

Keep your letter to no more than 4 or 5 paragraphs. If you have lots to say, write again in a few days to cover other topics.

Your Intro

Be sure to always introduce yourself by mentioning that you are a constituant and a voter living in the MLA’s riding.

Include 2 of the Following:

  • No to forced vaccination of our children.
  • Restore the sacred Doctor-Patient Relationship (DPR), meaning allow MDs to prescribe safe and proven medications such as Ivermectin.
  • Recognize Natural Immunity as providing complete and lasting immunity from C-19; therefore
  • End the “Emergency” which is the sole basis upon which the C-19 Mandates operate.

Be sure to consider your chosen messaging when contacting your MLA. An NDP MLA will respond much differently than a UCP MLA.

Offer Support

Offer to provide any additional information required in support of your letter. Opinions are important but demonstrating an informed opinion is powerful.

Confirm Reciept

Always ask for a response in writing to the specific points raised in the letter.


After one week call the MLA’s office and ask if they received your letter and remind them (staff member), you are looking forward to the MLA’s response.

Email and Mail

Always email your letter and mail it to both offices.

Federal Contact Information: