The first huge victory of the Freedom Convoy 2022 was to force the resignation of Erin O’Toole as leader of the Official Opposition (Conservative Party of Canada). This opened a huge door of opportunity for the Freedom Movement to exert their influence in choosing the best possible leader for the Conservative Party; a person 100% committed to uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedom as well as to defend our Canadian sovereignty against the WEF, UN and WHO globalist agenda.

Fact is, only 1.3 % of Canadians even bother to join any political party, lowest of any democracy in the world. The corrupt power brokers love that so few Canadians even bother to spend $10 – $15 to purchase a political party membership to be able to determine party polices and choose party leaders.

The good news is that, even if just those who went to Ottawa for the Freedom Convoy were to collectively join the Conservative Party, to then vote intelligently for principled ‘freedom candidate(s)’, freedom and democracy would win!!!

Of course, if the Conservatives are so foolish as to choose another compromised and weak leader, other options are in front of us. Right now, the fastest path towards stopping Trudeau’s globalist and socialist agenda, is to weigh in on the Conservative Leadership race.

Listen to short introduction video for detail on CP Leadership Freedom Opportunity and Plan.

We will be interviewing as many worthy candidates as possible to help you decide who you will support. We’ve already talked with several such candidates, with more to come in next few days.

Most importantly, you must become a member of the Conservative Party by June 3rd to have a vote. It’s only $15 for a one year membership and any candidate can help you with that process.

The Opportunity of the Conservative Leadership Race.

Interview with Joseph Bourgault, Leadership candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Interview with Grant Abraham, Leadership Candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Interview with Roman Baber, Leadership Candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada.