ENGAGE – EDUCATE – EMPOWER: That’s Jane’s motto!

The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are not working as our health officials and politicians said they would. They are not effective, and they are not safe (check out TBOF’s COVID-19 Resources to learn more about the vaccines and the impacts of other pandemic measures).

These experimental pharmaceuticals are harming Canadians and have been used to divide, discriminate, and persecute Canadians. Our family members, colleagues, friends, and neighbours have lost their jobs and regularly dehumanized, including by the Prime Minister himself.

Jane Does is calling on all Canadians to take action and serve Informed Consent Packages to protect their communities!


A person can only give consent if they do so voluntarily. This means that the person is not forced or pressured, including being directly or indirectly threatened with consequences.

A person can only give informed consent if they are provided with all of the important facts about their decision. In the medical context, the patient must have all the medical information needed to make a decision. The doctor must clearly explain the patient’s health condition and possible risks and side affects, if any.

In Canada, public health officials have regularly refused to acknowledge the many risks of mRNA vaccines, including up to and including death. Canadian governments and private sector employers have also regularly threatened individuals with losing their jobs, livelihoods, or access to fundamental aspects of civic life if they refuse to get vaccinated.

Big tech, legacy media, and public health censorship and intimidation has resulted in many Canadians not being adequately informed of the actual performance of the vaccines and their risks.

This is why Canadian heroine Jane Does created the INFORMED CONSENT INITIATIVE (ICI). The ICI calls Canadians to serve “notices of liability” (NOL) to key members of their community and organizations.

It is not enough to ourselves stand up and exercise our democratic rights. We also need to engage our fellow Canadians and empower them with information. The legacy media and politicians will never educate us on our rights or how we can have a greater say in our democracy. It is up to us to take action and take back our freedoms!

The ICI is an information package that does two things:

(1) it educates the recipient on important peer-reviewed scientific information that is typically suppressed by the media or health officials; and

(2) it notifies the recipient of their personal responsibility for directly or indirectly participating in the harms being caused by the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Many Canadians have and continue to go along with the narrative because they have been deliberately misinformed by the media, our politicians, and our health officials. Giving them more information empowers them to think for themselves and ask more questions – it creates dialogue and the opportunity for change!


TBOF has prepared a complete ICI information package to walk you through the process of serving the NOL on members of your community. The ICI package includes the following documents:

You can serve NOLs by email, but in-person is always best and most effective. People can ignore emails, they might not even notice your message, or maybe it goes right to spam!

Face-to-face is always best. It created the opportunity for a conversation and an increased expectation for respect and accountability.

You let Jane know! TBOF will be tracking where and when NOLs are served across Canada so we can put more pressure on governments and organizations, and have a record for keeping all of them accountable.

To let Jane know, simply complete this intake form.

It records the key information that we will make public for all Canadians to see!

The Informed Consent “NoL’ packages are intended to inform Canadians, especially those in positions of authority, about the ever increasing risks and dangerous side effects caused by mRNA vaccines.

Raising awareness enables Canadians who have, to-date, only heard information from one side to better make up their own minds, ask questions, and seek additional information or resources.

Serving NoLs also disallows recipients from later claiming that they “did not know” about the harms they were directly or indirectly causing. When accountability inevitably comes, it will be much easier to press charges or otherwise litigate against such individuals or organizations.

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We would like to recognize and thank TBOF Advisor, Dr. Paul Alexander for compiling these critical studies into a single location, hosted by the Brownstone Institute. We strongly encourage you to subscribe to his Substack and support his critical work.

Each of these links will provide you with direct access to dozens to hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles, organized by key COVID-19 topics.

A. C-19 Restrictions & Mandates

B. Natural Immunity

C. Vaccine Safety

  • Dr. Alexander also brought the following list of 1,250+ peer-reviewed studies demonstrating adverse effects in COVID-19 vaccines.