Citizens all around the world are beginning to push back against the “Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG) policies being irresponsibly pushed by their unaccountable and unresponsive governments. Sri Lanka, Peru, Italy, Argentina, Panama, Germany, Poland, Spain, France… and, of course, the Netherlands.

For several weeks now, Dutch Farmers have been brilliantly protesting against their WEF oriented Government. According to them, they were inspired by Canadian truckers in February. The Farmers have quickly gained the popular support of their people and have drawn widespread support from fishermen, firefighters and other first responders, their own truckers, and even some police forces.

This coming Saturday, July 23 Canadian farmers are standing up in solidarity with their Dutch brothers and sisters. It is being organized by Stand United in Canada and is part of a global rally that day.

TBOF stands firmly behind our Dutch allies and Canadian farmers and encourage everyone to participate locally however they can. We also encourage everyone to stay informed about these protests and such future protests and initiatives.

As we have stated before, the COVID-19 pandemic measures are a symptom of a broader malaise in Western Society. ESG policies rest at the core of these issues, proliferating anti-development sentiments that insidiously and implicitly frame humans as “a problem”. It is the same old and tired discredited Malthusian ideology from the 1800s, complete with elites that emit and consume by orders of magnitude than regular citizens.

Thankfully, 2.5 years of Government overreach have now primed countless more Canadians and citizens around the world to recognize authoritarian overreach. The immediate economic consequences these failed policies is motivating more and more of us to finally take action.

Continue to peacefully demonstrate and refuse to comply. Stand together and continue building networks and communities.

And remember, real change will not come from simply getting rid of unaccountable politicians. We must put our own names forward, or support our friends, family, or other members of our community that choose to do so. From your local school board all the way up to federal politics, Canada needs new leaders of integrity, conviction, and competence.

That could be you.