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Justice Rouleau sets the precedent: Martial Law OK against Peaceful Protests

  The Government has looked into itself, and has found it did nothing wrong. Who saw that one coming? Last Friday, POEC Commissioner Justice Paul Rouleau submitted his final report and recommendations. In brief: the Government was justified in its use of the Emergencies Act. There has already been significant commentary on this, such as from Convoy Lawyer Keith Wilson, so TBOF would like to make two new and different points. This is good and bad news. The good news is that the clear pressure the Liberals and "Laurentian Canada" have exerted on Rouleau to get the finding they wanted is backfiring. If they actually wanted to stay in power, they would have let Rouleau conclude that the Government did not meet the threshold. Had the Government been found "guilty", the Liberals could have used it as a rallying call to their base and claim they did what they thought

“Safe & Effective” No More: Legacy Media Concedes Jab Risks as Serious Injury Payouts hit $2.7 million

As TBOF and countless other organizations and Canadians have been warning, the legacy media is finally being forced to concede that the COVID-19 injections are not as "safe" or as "effective" as claimed by politicians and public health officials. According to CTV, the federal government has already paid out $2.7m to 50 claimantsunder the Vaccine Injury Support Program. These recipients are all persons who have been "seriously" injured by the COVID-19 injections. As CTV reports, the Canada Public Health Agency (PHAC) stated that COVID-19 serious reactions are "rare": only 1 in 10,000 will suffer a serious injury. Sure enough, about 95 million doses have been administered in Canada and as PHAC notes, there are 10,000 serious reported injuries. For context, prior to COVID-19, pharamecutial products would be pulled off of the shelves for only a handful of serious injuries, let alone deaths. Yet, the untested and experimental COVID-19 products


This Monday, Ontario CMOH, Dr. Kieran Moore, will announce a “recommendation” to resuming masking. He is claiming masking is necessary to ease pressure on the healthcare system by reducing transmission of respiratory viruses (e.g., flu, COVID-19). You’ve seen this movie before. Today it’s a recommendation, tomorrow is a mandate. It has been well established for decades that masks do not work against respiratory viruses (check our COVID-19 Resources for peer-reviewed articles on this). This is why Canada’s 2006 pandemic plan explicitly noted masks are not a meaningful tool against transmission. BC’s CMOH, Dr. Bonnie Henry often repeated this fact at the beginning of the pandemic, before inexplicably becoming a mask advocate. The fact is, a COVID-19 virus particle is a fraction of a fraction of the size of the hole of a cloth mask. Same goes for N-95 masks - which are meant for industrial use against dust particles many

PECKFORD: First Recommendation of My Magna Carta Becomes a Reality — A National Citizens Inquiry Is Born

It is now up to the citizens of Canada , the people , to determine just what happened this past two years as it relates to the 14 Governments of Canada response to the so called pandemic. Were all the draconian lockdowns and mandates really necessary? What happened to independent science and reason ? Were all these cruel measures Constitutional ? What happened to looking at best practices already in place to mitigate any negative fallout from a flu like condition? Were not many people negatively affected —died , injuried, lost their jobs, divided families and friends? Today, the Honourable Preston Manning announced in Ottawa a citizens led national inquiry to investigate and give citizens a chance to be heard. Go to for all the details and get involved. Here is the rest of my Magna Carta : Magna Carta For Canada —My Speech On The Steps Of The BC Legislature Today(

Justice Delayed & Justice Denied: Peckford Charter Challenge Thrown Out

      "Justice must not only be done, but demonstrably seen to be done." -Lord Chief Justice Gordan Hewart  ALEXANDER BRIGHTON: Yesterday, associate Chief Justice of the federal court Jocelyn Gagne dismissed the Peckford Charter challenge (along with the three other related lawsuits) concerning the federal Liberal government's travel ban against unvaccinated Canadians. The Honourable Brian Peckford is the last surviving signatory to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (and also Chairman of TBOF). To be clear, the Judge did not find against Peckford et al. Rather, the federal government requested that the court to refuse to hear the case on the basis of "mootness". That is, because the federal government had already removed (in truth, only "suspended") the travel ban, there was no "live issue" before the court and therefore should be dismissed. Justice Gagne agreed. Peckford's challenge concerned the Ministerial orders that prohibited unvaccinated Canadians from travelling by plane within or


  Yesterday, Janine Small, Pfizer's President of International Developed Markets testified before the European Parliament's COVID-19 Committee. Through her, Pfizer finally admitted what so many experts have known and been censored for saying: the mRNA "vaccines" were never tested for transmission before being released on the market. That is, the main manufacturer (and it has been Pfizer's product that has been predominately used in all Western countries, including Canada) has admitted they never had any evidence to support the claim that getting the mRNA "vaccines" meaningfully reduces your chances of spreading the virus. Canadians will remember that Prime Minister Trudeau, Health Minister Yves Duclos, Chief Medical Officer Theresa Tam, and all of their provincial counterparts repeatedly claimed that vaccination was necessary in order to stop transmission. In order to not be selfish and "protect grandma". That was all a lie. As TBOF has reported, we knew it was a lie

Military Vaccine Mandate Narrowed to “Core Members”

As reported today by the Epoch Times, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will soon be narrowing its COVID-19 vaccine mandate to apply only to positions requiring “high readiness and deployment”. This seems to mean only personnel supporting “core operational functions”. The mandate will be dropped for all other CAF roles. The memo notes that CAF personnel deployed outside of Canada may still be subject to the vaccination requirements of the countries they are visiting or deployed to, if any. As TBOF has reported from independent media, none of the Government’s vaccine mandates were based on science. The CAF has yet to disclose any evidence to the public substantiating that vaccination against COVID-19 is necessary in order for personnel to fulfill their operational requirements. We speculate that because the CAF collaborates closely with the United States military, and since the US military still has a vaccine mandate in effect, it is

C-19 Restrictions Ended – Now for the Next Step: ACCOUNTABILITY

This week, the federal Liberal government capitulated and finally revoked almost all of its unconstitutional Covid-19 restrictions, mandates, and masking requirements, and is no longer forcing use of the ArriveCan App. Canada was the only nation in the world still masking on planes and second last nation still discriminating against unvaccinated foreigners (the US continues to do so). We want to be clear: there was nothing “inevitable” about this. This entire month, Trudeau and his ministers fervently and regularly praised ArriveCan, insisted that the travel restrictions were necessary and keeping Canadians safe, and even threatened to return mandates if booster uptake did not reach 80%-90%. The science didn’t change. You changed. Canadians changed. In the last two weeks, ~650,000 Canadians joined a political party (unprecedented!) and resoundingly elected a leader to stand against the mandates, and then over one million Canadians took to Twitter and made #TrudeauMustGo the single most

PECKFORD: Your Honour ( Superior Judges of Canada), Liberty is not a Commodity, it is a Value

As I tried to sleep last night, the words of the lawyers and The Judge in my lawsuit kept swirling around in my mind. The Judge’s attitude seemed almost like they were debating the validity of a dog license ! And Recalling the words of my lawyer’s interviews some hours earlier about the case. Reading the judgements just brought down by Judge Hinkson in British Columbia in the case brought by Victoria lawyer Jeremy Maddock. Recalling the judgements I read of earlier Constitutional cases in Manitoba, and British Columbia and Ontario. Recalling the denigrating views expressed about certain citizens of our country by our Prime Minister and Chief Judge : I realize now that we have lost the ability to distinguish between a simple commodity for trade and the values and principles that are meant to bind a country together . A Constitution is not a Trade Agreement. We are not talking milk

Federal Government to Remove Remaining Travel Mandates & Testing (but KEEP masks)

Canadians have just learned that the federal Liberal Government intends to imminently remove the remaining travel restrictions and make ArriveCan optional. This appears to include the mandatory-14 day quarantine for unvaccinated Canadians, the ability for unvaccinated foreigners to enter Canada, and random testing. The details have yet to be announced officially. The Government has chosen to leak their intentions through various officials speaking to the press. Apparently, the restrictions will end on September 30. The move comes on the eve of the Peckford case challenging the constitutionality of the travel mandates going before a federal judge tomorrow. The Trudeau Government motioned to dismiss the entire case on the grounds of mootness because they suspended the travel mandates in June (at least for Canadian citizens and residents). Perhaps their hope is that removing the remaining restrictions will strengthen their argument. An alternative view is that the Liberals are scrambling in the

PECKFORD: Alberta and Sovereignty

Anyone who thinks of the word Alberta will likely say, oh, yes, that’s an area in the western part of Canada —a Province of Canada. I think that is how it is known now. Constitutionally it is a Province of Canada. There are no other Constitutions of this nature to which Alberta is a part. The Constitution of Canada through the BNA Act defines Canada as a Federal State composed of Provinces and the Federal Government and hence powers under the Act are divided among the Provinces and the Federal Government. Under Section 91 of the Act the powers of the Federal Government are enumerated . Under Section 92 of the Act the powers of the Provinces are enumerated. There are some areas that are shared jurisdiction like the Environment , Agriculture and even Fisheries and others. Over time it has been determined and worked out how the two Governments

Freedom Movement Pressures Western University to Delay Booster Mandate

Last month, Western University announced that not only were they reinstating their vaccine mandate for the Fall academic year, they were also going to require that all students, staff, and faculty get at least one booster. This was the first such "booster" mandate in Canada at a post-secondary institution. In stark contrast to Summer 2021, civil society immediately pushed back. Western University students created the #enoughisenough campaign and drew support from independent media, professors, scientists and doctors, even politicians and various public figures. In particular, Canada's freedom organizations, including TBOF, immediately rallied to the aid of Western students. TBOF Advisor, Dr. Julie Ponesse gave an impassioned speech at a protest on Western's campus (Dr. Ponesse is herself an ethics professor at Western that was let go on account of refusing to be coerced into disclosing her vaccination status). Among other efforts, TBOF partnered Vaccine Choice Canada, the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, the

Have Your Voice HEARD – Submit a statement to the Emergency Act Commission with your thoughts on the Freedom Convoy!

The Public Order Emergency Commission (also known at the Rouleau Commission) is now accepting comments from members of the public on their experiences, views, observations, and ideas about the federal government’s response to the Freedom Convoy and use of the Emergencies Act. These public comments will be reviewed by the Commission in order for the Commission to carry out its mandate and fully appreciate how the federal government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act affected Canadians. The Canadian Constitution Foundation is encouraging its supporters and all members of the public to submit comments to the Commission. Submit your comment by email to: or by mail to: Public Order Emergency Commission c/o Main Floor Security Desk 90 Sparks Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A3 Hearings begin on September 19, 2022. It is best to send your submission before that date, but submissions will continue to be accepted up until October 31, 2022. We

Government Will Never Hold Itself Accountable – But We Can, and WILL

Yesterday, Justice Rouleau, Chair of the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC), announced that its hearings will be postponed until October 13, due to unexpected surgery he must suddenly undergo. While we certainly wish Justice Rouleau a speedy recovery, this unfortunate delay of accountability and transparency spurred TBOF to take a closer at the Emergencies Act, POEC’s establishment, and some of the actors involved. As we all tragically recall, the current Liberal Government invoked the Emergencies Act on February 14, setting martial law and suspending constitutionally guaranteed freedoms across all of Canada. The Liberals claimed police forces requested the additional powers in order to deal with the Freedom Convoy and that Canada’s existing laws were insufficient to deal with the situation. These were all lies of course. The RCMP, OPP, and Ottawa Police have all testified before Parliament that they never requested the Act be invoked. As the Act’s invocation had

PECKFORD: The Shocking (Not Unexpected) Demise of Our Parliamentary System

When you have newly resurrected Green MP Elizabeth May lamely saying perhaps we should have a Parliamentary debate or it might be appropriate to do so concerning spending money on war, you know we are in trouble as a democracy. They are all feeding out of the public trough with little accountability. This is a Party that many thought held some promise to hold the political middle in our country and then they go and blow it all by showing everyone they cannot transition to new leadership, and who say if you are a member of the Party and you request it, the Party’s financials will be made available to you. How do you like those potatoes ? Lots of transparency here. A recent article in the Hill Times shows the state of our Parliamentary system —an MP even suggests that the Parliamentary Committee on Defence should be involved in

Ontario Science Table Disbanded as Politicians Begin Throwing Scientists Under the Bus

The Ontario Government has disbanded the Ontario Science Table ("OST") effective September 6, 2022. The OST's advice and modelling, which was seldom made public, was regularly relied upon to justify the myriad of restrictive COVID-19 measures over the past 2.5 years. Their models were always wrong, and time and court documents continue to prove that their recommendations were never scientific or effective. Now, as quickly as these unelected technocrats were constituted and given sweeping and unaccountable influence over Ontarians' lives, they are being unceremoniously ushered off the stage. A scramble is happening across the world right now, wherever the mRNA vaccines, masks, and lockdowns were recklessly pushed. As the narrative of the vaccines' safety & efficacy and the lockdowns' necessity crumbles, politicians and health officials are scurrying to blame the other and attempt to avoid the public reckoning ever closer on the horizon. This started about two weeks ago with

Western University Reinstates Vaccine Mandate

Yesterday, Ontario’s Western University announced it is reinstating its mandatory vaccination policy*: all students, staff, faculty, and most visitors have until October 1, 2022 to show proof that they received their “primary series” plus “a booster”. Western’s decision comes on the heels of the University of Toronto reintroducing a booster mandate for any persons staying or working at their residences. Other institutions, like Seneca College, never even suspended their vaccine mandates to begin with. At this juncture, it is no longer merited to give thoughtful consideration to such policies. The mRNA vaccines’ efficacy against transmission has been so thoroughly disproven that even the CDC revised their directives last week so that there is no longer any difference in measures between unvaccinated and vaccinated persons. Moreover, as TBOF reported last week, the federal government was unable to submit the courts any meaningful evidence supporting their travel mandate. Unsurprisingly, not a single

The Emperor has no Science

For nearly a year, Prime Minister Trudeau and Health Minister Duclos aggressively browbeat Canadians that mass-vaccination was the only way out of the pandemic. They mandated the experimental mRNA injections, denied livelihoods and even employment insurance benefits to those that refused, openly and repeatedly vilified and with full-throated rhetoric normalized the persecution and discrimination of unvaccinated Canadians. The Prime Minister mused if we should “tolerate” such people and Minister Duclos encouraged provinces to criminalize being unvaccinated. They did all of this under the constant refrain that they were “following the science”, “listening to the experts”, and following “public health advice and recommendations”. It was all a lie. Last week, Epoch Times and freelance reporter Rupa Subramanya broke the story that the Trudeau Liberal government had absolutely no science or recommendation to implement their unconstitutional vaccine mandate for travel. Their stories are completely based on the sworn testimonies of senior public

PECKFORD: Why our Constitution will not be Amended Anytime Soon

Because the Federal Government and the Provincial Governments of Canada have allowed the Constitution ‘s separation of powers outlined in Section 92 of the BNA Act to be blurred —disfigured. Section 92(7) outlines exclusive jurisdiction over health to be Provincial. But since the Introduction of the Canada Health Act the Federal Government with the Agreement of the Provinces has been playing a larger and larger role in helping to finance health care across the country , so much so that the Provinces are heavily dependent now on that federal money. This past year the Federal Health transfers to all the Provinces totalled $45 billion , up from $30 billion in 2013-2014. . Just the other day the Premier of the Province of BC , one of the wealthier Provinces, was begging for more Federal Health dollars. Quebec received over $10 billion this year in Federal Health transfers . Even wealthy


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