Getting James Topp to the National War Memorial

On June 30, CAF Veteran James Topp completed his ~4,300km march, finally arriving at the National War Memorial and placing his hand on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Coming to the Memorial, James led a procession of more than 1,000 Canadians over a kilometer long. They were welcomed by nearly 10,000 Canadians at the Memorial itself. James delivered a powerful speech to this crowd and the hundreds of thousands of Canadians watching from home. He underscored the importance of sacrifice and standing up and speaking out when we see something wrong taking place. To demonstrate courage and integrity and to lean on each other for support. He called upon all Canadians to peacefully resist the mandates and restrictions and come together to hold the government accountable. Most importantly, he called on Canadians to continue the hard work of having a national compassionate and honest conversation about the mandates' impacts

Securing James Topps’ Meeting with MPs on Parliament Hill

A combat veteran of 28 years, James Topp was discharged from the military for refusing the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Seeing the federal Liberal Government's shameful treatment of the Freedom Convoy and refusal to engage with Canadians, he decided to create his own protest: a 4,297km march from Victoria, BC to Ottawa, Ontario with the purpose engaging governments on the mandates' impacts. James founded Canada Marches and for 130+ days he walked across Canada. Through mountains and fields, across hills and around lakes, James marched with dignity and purpose. Thousands of Canadians came to see him on the road, sharing their stories and giving him encouragement. Through Canada Marches, James was able to get the word out and quickly began attracting support from all over Canada. TBOF was among the first to answer his call and commit our resources and networks to amplifying his message and ensuring government would listen. One of

Federal Vaccine Mandates Suspended

After months of pressure from many freedom organizations, including TBOF, travel associations, airlines, politicians, civil leaders, and millions of Canadians, the federal Liberal Government finally decided that the "science had changed" and that the immoral, unethical, and unconstitutional vaccine mandates could be stopped. This major accomplishment could not have been possible without Canadians, like TBOF supporters, relentlessly contacting MPs and airlines to express their concern and the need to immediately cease discrimination on the basis of vaccination status. Unfortunately, the federal Liberal Government remained unwilling to remove the unscientific and ineffective mandates completely. Instead, they were merely "suspended" and with the threat of being "reinstated at any time". In addition, the Government stated they would increase the definition of "fully vaccinated" to require a booster instead of just two doses. The Government also refused to remove the defunct ArriveCan app which is wreaking havoc across Canadian airports. Finally, the Government

Reclaiming Canada Conference

Collaborating with freedom organizations such as WeUnify and Vaccine Choice Canada, TBOF was proud to play a key role in organizing the first annual Reclaiming Canada Conference.  The conference brought together hundreds of Canadians dedicated to resisting the immoral, unethical, and unconstitutional mandates.  Attendees heard from lawyers, civil rights leaders, and medical and scientific experts on how we can come together to reclaim our institutions and restore the rule of law in Canada. Chief among the many ideas presented was the development of a citizens' led national inquiry into the impacts of the COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

Jason Kenney Ousted as Alberta Premier/UCP Leader

As the Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney repeatedly promised he would never instate vaccine mandates. In mid-2021, he broke his promise. TBOF, collaborating with key organizations like Take Back Alberta, mobilized rapidly and put immediate pressure on UCP MLAs to call a leadership review. We achieved this. Starting in January 2022, for five months, and despite Kenney manipulating the UCP rules several times to try and given himself an advantage, TBOF helped sign up over 20,000 new UCP members. When the final leadership vote was called and counted, 16,000 Albertans voted against Kenney. Within hours, Kenney announced he was stepping down as Premier and leader of the UCP. These 16,000 votes represented around 0.25% of Alberta's population. Just 16,000 people, each paying $10 for a membership and mailing off a simple ballot, that's all it took to bring a Premier down. This incredible victory demonstrated just how simple and achievable

Freedom Convoy Succeeds as a Peaceful Protest

For over three weeks, despite sustained and aggressive efforts by several police forces, and even against the invocation of martial law, the Freedom Convoy protestors refused to be provoked by the federal Liberal Government into committing violence. The Freedom protestors exemplified to the entire world the very best of what it means to be Canadian: dignified, resilient, hopeful, and standing up loudly against injustice. For three weeks, bearing -25 temperatures or lower, thousands of protestors persevered against constant intimidation and vilification from police, the government, and media. The demonstrators exposed the federal Liberal Government's true authoritative self for all Canadians to see. Ultimately, the Government had to invoke martial law in order to regain control of the situation, resulting in the freezing of bank accounts, seizure of property, and assault of peaceful protestors. Throughout all of this, TBOF was on the ground working behind the scenes. Our senior leaders and

Erin O’Toole Ousted as CPC Leader

For two years, under CPC Leader Erin O'Toole, Canada had no meaningful Official Opposition against the Liberal Government's pandemic restrictions and mandates. Mr. O'Toole refused to mount meaningful opposition against the government's unscientific and unconstitutional restrictions and mandates. The Freedom Convoy's arrival changed this quickly. Thanks to the Truckers, freedom protestors, and the targeted efforts of TBOF supporters and thousands of other Canadians, the CPC Caucus was given significant support and encouragement to oust Mr. O'Toole. The sustained political engagement efforts led by TBOF and other organizations were a complete success. Within four days of the Convoy's arrival, Mr. O'Toole was ousted. This freed CPC MPs to begin openly supporting the growing freedom movement. This victory demonstrated the power citizens wield and how they can destabilize political parties when they rapidly mobilize and put pressure on their elected representatives in a focused and sustained manner.    


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