The Board of Directors oversees the organizations operations, ensures its activities advance its mandate, and that financial resources are prudently managed.

TBOF Founder & Director George BearsMr. George Bears, a strong visionary, and principled, influential leader, has developed expertise working with charitable and commercial enterprises, corporate donors, financial institutions, and lenders, and has secured funding for oil and gas, mining, real estate development, the tech sector, and for charitable organizations. He has extensive experience as an owner and operator of his own companies.

Mr. Bears also has a very unique gift of identifying and connecting key people and talent for a given project, and building strong, principled “best in class” world class teams.

George served for 5 years (1986-1991) in Ottawa, as National Director with Victims of Violence in the Canadian Criminal Justice System, advocating in Parliament and across the country, for surviving family members who lost loved ones to homicide. He personally spearheaded Canada’s first and only national unsolved homicide research and identification program. He also established a National Missing Children’s registry.

George worked with key federal Members of Parliament to make many critical policy changes to parole regulations, and he played a significant role in the extradition of serial killer, Charles Ng, who sits on death row at San Quentin, California, for the premeditated murder of 12 innocent men, women and children.

George continued to work with key political leaders for additional causes over the years. He was one of the founders and directors of the Foundation for National Policy Trust Canada, a public policy action group working with Roy Beyer on a national campaign to defend traditional marriage. This campaign, with Roy’s leadership, went on to win 26 key ridings in southern Ontario and Manitoba to help elect Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Dr. Laura BradenDr. Laura Braden is a molecular biologist with a focus in immunology. Her passion for the last 15 years has been immunopathology, disease resistance and host-pathogen interactions using advances in genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and functional immunology. With extensive experience in molecular research, Dr. Braden has travelled all over the world to present her work at scientific conferences and has been an invited guest at several international universities. After two post doctoral fellowships in immunology, Dr. Braden was in the early stages of her career but was fired for asking questions about the COVID narrative and speaking out against the unconstitutional and unscientific basis of the draconian mandates in Canada. As a scientist and mother, Dr. Braden will continue to unapologetically fight for the truth and defend the unalienable freedoms of all Canadians.

Greg IrwinEntrepreneur, Business Owner & Influence Leader

Graduated from Banff High school where he grew up as a hoteliers kid doing many ‘hotel related jobs’ through his childhood and adolescent years. Banff afforded many sports opportunities which Greg loved and pursued.

  • 1975 graduated from Banff Composite High School.
  • 1979 graduated from Briercrest Bible College with a Bachelor’s in religious education played three years of college Volleyball for BBC and enjoyed playing with believers as teammates had many good memories and still-keeps in touch with classmates and roommates from college.
  • 1979-1985 worked with a youth mission as a team member, recruitment officer and administrator. It was called Team Ventures International, and the name was later changed to Venture Teams international, joined the board of VTI September 1985-2008

Married to Linda McLean in 1982 of Lacombe Alberta who he met while on a VTI mission team that travelled to India and around Canada for 11 months.

Spent two summers in masters studies during his years on VTI staff studying Christian Leadership and Administration.

1985 moved back from Calgary to Banff to manage a family hotel called High Country Inn.

Remained as manager for 14 years, worked with his father and brother-in-law expanding this and other business all those years.

Joined the board of Briercrest Schools and seminary for a five-year term in the 90s.

August 1999 moved back to Calgary for his families educational options to be pursued.

2000 took over leadership of Venture Teams International and served for 20 months as interim director.

2002 to present has pursued business and ministry opportunities. He travelled to India, China, Bangladesh, and Mexico on mission trips one with his family, was a Gideon for just over 20 years delivering bibles to schools and hotels, served on the board of Outreach Canada located in Delta BC. for five years.

In recent years Greg has had to slow down a bit he sold much of his business interests in Dec. 2020. He has had three cancer procedures in the last 12 years, and very grateful to Doctors and God for his recovery.

He and his wife Linda are about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in July 2022. They have four children, three of which are married and 9 grandchildren.

They currently reside in Calgary but spend much time in Banff and Canmore.

Greg still loves to ski, one of his childhood passion Save s, although a little slower these days.

Robert FrostRob Frost is a man of faith and family. He is a devoted husband, loving father, supportive grandfather, caring son and brother. On top of being an entrepreneur and businessman, community leader, coach and mentor, Rob also has in depth experience in facing corruption within private business, government agencies and industry-funded provincial corporations. He has a passion to see greed and corruption uprooted, and to see our culture shifted to one of caring and sharing.

Rob believes in complete or holistic capitalism (capitalism with heart) where we care equally about people, profit and the planet which is a culture of “All Shall Prosper” so that everyone wins as we move from greed and self-centredness to generosity. Instead of having a mind-set where we maximize our own self-interest in every deal at the expense of someone else we conduct transactions so that all parties prosper. This is a sustainable economic model where we need humans and we need enterprise to come together so that everyone at the table prospers. Wealth then becomes infinite and not just held in the hands of a few. The very core of social and economic well-being is driven by SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises). It is time to stop the malfeasance, nonfeasance, and misfeasance by some of our elected officials and public employees to get Canada back to the True North Strong and Free!