Ontario Science Table Disbanded as Politicians Begin Throwing Scientists Under the Bus

The Ontario Government has disbanded the Ontario Science Table ("OST") effective September 6, 2022. The OST's advice and modelling, which was seldom made public, was regularly relied upon to justify the myriad of restrictive COVID-19 measures over the past 2.5 years. Their models were always wrong, and time and court documents continue to prove that their recommendations were never scientific or effective. Now, as quickly as these unelected technocrats were constituted and given sweeping and unaccountable influence over Ontarians' lives, they are being unceremoniously ushered off the stage. A scramble is happening across the world right now, wherever the mRNA vaccines, masks, and lockdowns were recklessly pushed. As the narrative of the vaccines' safety & efficacy and the lockdowns' necessity crumbles, politicians and health officials are scurrying to blame the other and attempt to avoid the public reckoning ever closer on the horizon. This started about two weeks ago with

#enoughisenough – Support Western U Students Push Back Against Booster Mandate

As TBOF reported here, Western University students have started the initiative "#Enoughisenough" to resist their institution's recent decision to instate an immoral, unscientific, and unconstitutional vaccine + booster mandate for all students, staff, faculty, and most visitors. Western Alumni, prominent doctors, and independent media are already speaking out and shaming Western University. Make a difference right now by adding your voice to the fight. Here are several easy actions to support these brave students standing up to their University. Do at least one today! If you have social media, follow @students4agency on Twitter (follow TBOF too @TBOFcanada) Email Western University's Board at secretariat@uwo.ca. Ask them: - Why are they mandating boosters when Ontario's CMOH Dr. Kiernan Moore has publicly stated Public Health will not recommend boosters because of the risks? - Where have they published the science and health & safety data they are relying on to support this decision? - Are

Western University Reinstates Vaccine Mandate

Yesterday, Ontario’s Western University announced it is reinstating its mandatory vaccination policy*: all students, staff, faculty, and most visitors have until October 1, 2022 to show proof that they received their “primary series” plus “a booster”. Western’s decision comes on the heels of the University of Toronto reintroducing a booster mandate for any persons staying or working at their residences. Other institutions, like Seneca College, never even suspended their vaccine mandates to begin with. At this juncture, it is no longer merited to give thoughtful consideration to such policies. The mRNA vaccines’ efficacy against transmission has been so thoroughly disproven that even the CDC revised their directives last week so that there is no longer any difference in measures between unvaccinated and vaccinated persons. Moreover, as TBOF reported last week, the federal government was unable to submit the courts any meaningful evidence supporting their travel mandate. Unsurprisingly, not a single

The Emperor has no Science

For nearly a year, Prime Minister Trudeau and Health Minister Duclos aggressively browbeat Canadians that mass-vaccination was the only way out of the pandemic. They mandated the experimental mRNA injections, denied livelihoods and even employment insurance benefits to those that refused, openly and repeatedly vilified and with full-throated rhetoric normalized the persecution and discrimination of unvaccinated Canadians. The Prime Minister mused if we should “tolerate” such people and Minister Duclos encouraged provinces to criminalize being unvaccinated. They did all of this under the constant refrain that they were “following the science”, “listening to the experts”, and following “public health advice and recommendations”. It was all a lie. Last week, Epoch Times and freelance reporter Rupa Subramanya broke the story that the Trudeau Liberal government had absolutely no science or recommendation to implement their unconstitutional vaccine mandate for travel. Their stories are completely based on the sworn testimonies of senior public

PECKFORD: Why our Constitution will not be Amended Anytime Soon

Because the Federal Government and the Provincial Governments of Canada have allowed the Constitution ‘s separation of powers outlined in Section 92 of the BNA Act to be blurred —disfigured. Section 92(7) outlines exclusive jurisdiction over health to be Provincial. But since the Introduction of the Canada Health Act the Federal Government with the Agreement of the Provinces has been playing a larger and larger role in helping to finance health care across the country , so much so that the Provinces are heavily dependent now on that federal money. This past year the Federal Health transfers to all the Provinces totalled $45 billion , up from $30 billion in 2013-2014. . Just the other day the Premier of the Province of BC , one of the wealthier Provinces, was begging for more Federal Health dollars. Quebec received over $10 billion this year in Federal Health transfers . Even wealthy

TBOF Privacy Policy

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Canada’s Higher Courts Finding Their Voice Against Government Overreach

Canada's courts seem to be finally finding the courage to speak truth to power and appropriately rebuke the provincial and federal governments for their overreach and bad faith conduct during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, Ontario Justice Goodman released Tamara Lich from custody on bail. In his reasons and throughout the process, Justice Goodman distinguished that Lich had been merely charged with "mischief" and that the Trudeau government's approach was disproportionate and inappropriate. It seems highly likely that Lich's charges will be ultimately dropped given that just yesterday similar mischief charges against other Freedom Convoy protestors were stayed. In a similar rebuke against former Premier Kenney (now only "interim" Premier for a few more months thanks to efforts by Take Back Alberta and TBOF), the Alberta Court of Appeals unanimously ruled in favour of Pastor Artur Pawlowski who was arrested, jailed and fined multiple times for continuing to preach in breach of

Tips for Engaging Your MP/MLA

Here are some tips to increase your ability to influence your MP/MLA and get them to treat your issue(s) with greater interest: Be Polite, Respectful, and Patient This is the most important piece of advice. Even if you strongly disagree with your representative's views or statements, being rude, aggressive, or disrespectful gives them an easy excuse to justify ignoring you. When you are polite, respectful, and patient, you are in control. A good politician knows that it is a bad look if you go to the press or social media and show that they refused to respond to or meet with a courteous and well intentioned individual. Always keep the "moral high ground". Let the MP/MLA be the one that lashes out or acts improperly. If you choose to go to the press or social media, the politician's poor conduct will only further add pressure to your advocacy.

IDENTIFYING AND CONTACTING YOUR MP OR MLA Please follow the links below to identify your federal and/or provincial representative and obtain their contact information. Review some tips and strategies here to better influence your representative and prepare for your call or meeting. Federal Search for your Member of Parliament by postal code Search for your Senator by province Search for specific Ministers by name or Ministry Provincial Search for your MLA or MPP below by postal code Premier: premier@gov.ab.ca List: https://www.assembly.ab.ca/members/members-of-the-legislative-assembly Premier:premier@gov.bc.ca List: Member (leg.bc.ca) Premier: premier@leg.gov.mb.ca Step 1: Identify your riding/constituency Step 2: Identify the MLA for the riding/constituency Premier: premier@gnb.ca List: Elections NB - Search your provincial election information (gnb.ca) Premier: premier@gov.nl.ca List: House of Assembly - NL - Members Premier: premier@gov.nt.ca List: https://www.ntassembly.ca/members Premier: premier@novascotia.ca List: Who's My MLA (electionsnovascotia.ca) Premier: jsavikataaq@gov.nu.ca List: https://assembly.nu.ca/members/mla

Engage Your MP/MLA

Strategically engaging your elected representatives (e.g., MPs, MLAs), especially in coordination with other community members, is one of the most effective ways to create local or national change in Canada. On this page you will learn how to identify, contact, and engage your MP and/or MLA and how to register your action with TBOF. Why bother contacting a politician? Citizen apathy is a recipe for social and economic disaster - as recent years have clearly demonstrated. We all lose when we cynically throw our hands in the air and write off all politicians as "useless" and not worth our time. On the contrary, citizens keeping their elected representatives accountable is critical for any healthy democracy. Direct Engagement Maintains Accountability MPs and MLAs are particularly sensitive to direct engagement: emails, letters, phone calls, and meetings. Your MPs and MLAs serve and are accountable to you and your community. Never be

E3 – Ep. 5 – We Are Dutch

United non-compliance and peaceful protest is the theme of this week as we stand united with the farmers across the world rising up against the attack on our food supply. #WeAreDutch In this episode we chat with Dr. Bob Dickson, a brave Albertan physician who has been fighting against water fluoridation for over 23 years. In our #RealNotRare segment, we hear from Jason Dziver who has been seriously harmed following Moderna injection and who is now fighting for justice and compensation.

Citizens Pushing Back Worldwide Against Government ESG Measures

Citizens all around the world are beginning to push back against the "Environmental, Social, and Governance" (ESG) policies being irresponsibly pushed by their unaccountable and unresponsive governments. Sri Lanka, Peru, Italy, Argentina, Panama, Germany, Poland, Spain, France... and, of course, the Netherlands. For several weeks now, Dutch Farmers have been brilliantly protesting against their WEF oriented Government. According to them, they were inspired by Canadian truckers in February. The Farmers have quickly gained the popular support of their people and have drawn widespread support from fishermen, firefighters and other first responders, their own truckers, and even some police forces. This coming Saturday, July 23 Canadian farmers are standing up in solidarity with their Dutch brothers and sisters. It is being organized by Stand United in Canada and is part of a global rally that day. TBOF stands firmly behind our Dutch allies and Canadian farmers and encourage everyone to participate

Canadian Sentiment Shifting as Vaccines’ Safety Increasingly Questioned in Mainstream Media 

British PM Winston Churchill once said, "Truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it. Ignorance may deride it. Malice may distort it. But there it is." Our cause is a marathon. We achieve great victories, but also suffer demoralizing setbacks. We persevere despite the personal intimidation, ridicule, and necessary sacrifices. We are compelled to do so because we are seized with the truth. Truth is a fascinating phenomenon. Once someone is aware of the truth concerning something, it is impossible to eradicate its existence. One can try to bury it deep down and act contrary to it, but doing so manifests psychopathy as our conscience eats at itself. The truth is an immortal seed that, once planted, will inevitably sprout. There is another constant rule to the truth: "the greater the lie, the greater the cover-up". What may start as a lie, even a "noble lie", always quickly spirals out of control.

PECKFORD: Canada’s New Low—Justice Takes A Back Seat To The Technicalities Of The Law

In another display of the lack of common sense and the absence of the application of JUSTICE Canada has stooped again to the nadir of civilized behaviour. Can we ever recover our sense of decency and fairness? Freedom award winner Tamara Lich is taking the brunt of this Federal Government’s fury against ciivil disobedience , a Government supported ,it seems, by many in this breech of Canadian fair play. Need I cite that this latest arrest is most egregious in that every one knew where Tamara was ——in her home city of Medicine Hat, and yet a country wide warrant was issued for her arrest as if she was some kind of serial rapist or murderer. The tragic irony of it all makes Greek Tragedy look lame as a Freedom Award Winner is displayed as a practitioner of high treason. As a boy I witnesses unfairness on the sports field

PECKFORD: Citizens Led National Inquiry Canadians’ Chance to Hold Those In Charge Accountable!

So, for a lot of us, we have come to distrust the mainstream parties and therefore trusting them on some things as monumental as getting to the bottom of whether all these Government mandates ( all 14 Governments) were necessary and constitutional is just too much. Well, why don’t we trust them? Because they won’t show us their Party books. How they spend their Party money. So how can we trust them on the hundreds of millions being spent of taxpayers money . And they have lied to us. The vaccinated transmit the virus: not what we were told! Drug Companies, no liability, vaccines experimental and never went through proper testing. Sure, the Liberals and NDP Federally bought medical equipment from the Chinese. And a lot of it had to be thrown out. They were even going to setup a Lab in Canada at Dalhousie University with the Chinese!!! The


On June 30, CAF Veteran James Topp completed his 4,300km march from BC to Ottawa. His purpose was simple: to engage government officials in a respectful dialogue concerning the mandates' impacts. Not a government representative met with or even responded to him. Canadians convened in Ottawa this February in the tens of thousands, demanding accountability. Government refused to listen to their citizens. James Topp reached out as a single individual and they ignored him too. Recognizing that the federal Government has no intention of discussing the mandates and their impacts on Canadians, James Topp called on all Canadians to come together and themselves facilitate a national, compassionate and honest conversation regarding the impacts the pandemic measures had on individuals and society. TBOF is proud to answer James' call to action and to announce that we are collaborating with many other organizations to create the national citizens' inquiry. A citizens'

Getting James Topp to the National War Memorial

On June 30, CAF Veteran James Topp completed his ~4,300km march, finally arriving at the National War Memorial and placing his hand on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Coming to the Memorial, James led a procession of more than 1,000 Canadians over a kilometer long. They were welcomed by nearly 10,000 Canadians at the Memorial itself. James delivered a powerful speech to this crowd and the hundreds of thousands of Canadians watching from home. He underscored the importance of sacrifice and standing up and speaking out when we see something wrong taking place. To demonstrate courage and integrity and to lean on each other for support. He called upon all Canadians to peacefully resist the mandates and restrictions and come together to hold the government accountable. Most importantly, he called on Canadians to continue the hard work of having a national compassionate and honest conversation about the mandates' impacts

E3 – Ep. 3 – #RealNotRare

This episode we launch our #RealNotRare segment, where we hear the stories from Canadians negatively impacted by mandates and restrictions. Our first guest on this segment, Meredith Klitzke, breaks our hearts with her vaccine injury and tells us her experience over the last 2 years. We also hear LIVE from James Topp the night before he arrives at his final destination - the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A monumental show with two of the most brave Canadians we have yet to meet!!

PECKFORD: Poilievre Got It All Wrong – It’s The Rule Of Law Not Of Czars OR Guardians

Well, we see now that, as I have been saying for some time, too many leaders in the Federal Conservative Party are no different than many of the leaders in the Liberal Party of Canada . Just more of the same swampy status quo —-political convenience not adhering to the Constitution. One of the Leadership Candidates Pierre Poilievre is proposing a top down solution not a people , parliamentary solution to the problem he sees in higher education and freedom of speech. Before even gaining the leadership position in his party he is already proposing what most people see as what is wrong in this country—executive Government rather than parliamentary Government —the concentration of power in the executive and more recently , the last several decades, in the Prime Minister’s office. A Prime Minister creating a Guardian, a Czar, to root out freedom of speech violations in academia. And then

Securing James Topps’ Meeting with MPs on Parliament Hill

A combat veteran of 28 years, James Topp was discharged from the military for refusing the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Seeing the federal Liberal Government's shameful treatment of the Freedom Convoy and refusal to engage with Canadians, he decided to create his own protest: a 4,297km march from Victoria, BC to Ottawa, Ontario with the purpose engaging governments on the mandates' impacts. James founded Canada Marches and for 130+ days he walked across Canada. Through mountains and fields, across hills and around lakes, James marched with dignity and purpose. Thousands of Canadians came to see him on the road, sharing their stories and giving him encouragement. Through Canada Marches, James was able to get the word out and quickly began attracting support from all over Canada. TBOF was among the first to answer his call and commit our resources and networks to amplifying his message and ensuring government would listen. One of


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