• This Urgent Notice is for Albertans, but all TBOF supporters should take note.
  • April 9 Red Deer Event is Cancelled
  • Freedom Success Principle: As part of our ‘Never Again’ strategy at TBOF we believe each and every Premier (regardless of party affiliation), the Prime Minster must be removed from office (by democratic process) for their gross abuse of power and then replaced by those committed to upheld the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to never again allow the events of the past 2 years to repeat themselves. 
  • IMPORTANT Video Commentary (Kenney removal explained in 8 minutes)


As you may have heard, the in-person Vote of Confidence for Premier Jason Kenney (leader of the UCP), previously scheduled to take place at a Special General Meeting (SGM) on April 9th in Red Deer is cancelled. The United Conservative Party (UCP) has opted instead for a ‘mail in ballot’ to take place over the coming ‘week’. The obvious problem with what Kenney is trying to do is that:

  1. It changes the rules in the middle of an Electoral Process (highly unethical if not illegal)
  2. A Mail-in-Vote on a Leadership Review is in direct violation of UCP Governance Rules
  3. Mail-in-Voting is prone to corruption:
  • Read Open Letter of lawyer, UCP Member, and TBOF Director, Jeff W Rath, addressed to the entire to the UCP Caucus, pointing out the legalities and asking the UCP MLAs to do the only right thing to do, to demand the immediate resignation of Jason Kenney, for the sake of the UCP Party and the people of Alberta.
  • Adding ‘insult to injury’, a leaked Jason Kenney staff memo demonstrates the depth of contempt Kenney holds towards members of the UCP who disagree with him by referring to them as “lunatics trying to take over the insane asylum”. This contempt for ‘the people’ is indistinguishable from that of Justin Trudeau. Sadly, and clearly, Kenney has lost his way.
  • An organization called Taking Back Alberta (TBA) are the primary organizers of the campaign to replace Jason Kenney. TBA and TBOF are distinct, unaffiliated organizations but with simar goals with respect to fight for Freedom. Please review the TBA Official Statement is response to the Leadership Vote fiasco.


  1. If you purchased a UCP Membership to vote on Leadership Review of Jason Kenney, you should have received by now at least 2 or 3 emails as being a UCP member. If not, you need to contact the UCP office and get this matter dealt with. Before calling have ready credit card statement showing purchase date and amount.
  2. Call and Email Your MLA or MLA(s) closest to where you live to demand action, for sake or Party and Province, the resignation of Jason Kenney. Contacting Your MLAs
  3. April 16 Taking Back Alberta Event in Calgary: @ the BMO Centre starting at 3 PM.  TBA together with other Freedom Organizations including TBOF Alberta are planning a big ‘Alberta Freedom Event’ great guest speakers, music, and festivities.  The intent is to invite all UCP members to hear as to the vision for a free and prosperous Alberta. Kenney must be removed, and a new leadership race called.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you paid for the Red Deer event (to vote for or against Kenney) , because it was cancelled you will have option to receive your money back OR to donate to the UCP.