TBOF is a collaborator and convener, playing a unique role within the freedom movement ecosystem. Whereas some organizations are more expert or grassroots oriented, TBOF operates at the intersection of science, law, politics, and advocacy. We oftentimes find ourselves providing strategic, financial, communications, and/or logistical support to other groups or organizations with their planning or initiatives. Supporting one another ensures that we pull together in the same direction, focusing our resources and amplifying our message.

This approach has led to significant successes just in the past six months alone. At the core of all of these achievements are TBOF supporters who continue to volunteer their time, donate they money, and regularly respond to our Calls-2-Action. TBOF supporters have sent or made thousands of emails, letters, and phone calls to their elected representatives and this has always led to results.

We invite you to learn about some of our key achievements and successful initiatives. As a non-profit organization, we rely entirely on donations. These achievements were only made possible by the generosity of so many Canadians.

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February 2022

Erin O’Toole Ousted as CPC Leader

February 2nd, 2022|

For two years, under CPC Leader Erin O'Toole, Canada had no meaningful Official Opposition against the Liberal Government's pandemic restrictions and mandates. Mr. O'Toole refused to mount meaningful opposition against the government's unscientific and unconstitutional restrictions and mandates. The Freedom Convoy's arrival changed this quickly. Thanks to the Truckers, freedom protestors, and the targeted efforts of TBOF supporters and thousands of other Canadians, the CPC Caucus was given significant support


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