I realize now that even in the best of times we are only a heartbeat away from tyranny.

Premier Brian Peckford

Dear Friend of Taking Back Our Freedoms:

This coming week may well go down in the ‘history of Canada’ as when ‘the people’ of Canada took back their rights and freedoms from the globalist-elite (corrupt politicians, ‘health authorities’ and media).

Justin Trudeau’s arrogant and very reckless action to ‘force vaccinations upon Truckers’ is back-firing on him in a manner that he could not have imagined. The truckers (vaxed and unvaxed) responded with organising massive conveys from every part of Canada to meet up in Ottawa with the demand to put an end to all C-19 Mandates (not just the ones against truckers).

We are told now, there are tens of thousands of trucks involved in protest convoys and a large percentage of those truckers are now amassing for a trek to Ottawa. We at TBOF (including our Advisory Team) are 100% behind our truckers and encourage strong support for them.


  • Every Monday Night @ 6 PM BC Time/ 9 PM ET
  • This is to advise of a very exciting Monday Night TBOF National Webcast event (and to assure at least 2 options of live feeds at all times)

THEME: “Peaceful Protests that are Disruptive, ‘Righteous’ and Effective”

SPECIAL GUESTS: Will include short interviews with 2 or 3 amazing truckers in Freedom Convoys to Ottawa.

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KEY NOTE GUEST Dr. Paul E Alexander

We will be interviewing Dr Alexander, who has worked for the World Health Organization, and for the White House under President Trump and is one of the world’s leading authorities on ‘all things Covid-19 related’ having been on the inside at the White House when Fauci and friends were doing what they do best… lie to the public.

Dr. Alexander recently authored a research paper for Brownstone Institute referring to over 400 studies proving ‘Mandates’ (compulsory interventions) don’t work.

This weekend, Dr. Alexander is one the speakers at the ‘Defeat the Mandates’ Rally in Washington, DC. Dr Alexander will also be our Key Note Speaker at the Truckers for Freedom convoy and rally TBOF is helping to organise at Rainbow Bridge Boarder Crossing (Niagara Falls) next Saturday Jan. 29. DTBA

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Yours in Freedom

Your ‘Canada Connect’ TBOF Team